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  Both the Autobots and the Decepticons have set up Earth as their home, and now the battle over the… Read More »

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  The last son of a dying planet is sent to Earth not only for his survival but to be… Read More »

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  The rebels of Lothal have found they have joined the bigger rebellion against the Empire.  Travelling the stars as… Read More »

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  Fred Flintstone is a modern man.  Spending his days at the rock quarry and his evenings hanging out with… Read More »

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  The Ghostbusters are back!  Ray, Egon, Peter, and Winston aren’t finished rounding up ghosts.  With help from their friend… Read More »

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  The Simpsons are back and causing more problems for the people of Springfield.  Whether the town is trying to… Read More »

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  The Galra and their leader Emperor Zarkon have divided and conquered the galaxy for years.  Now, Earth is in… Read More »

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  Finn the Human and Jake the Dog are the best of friends, but they are also HEROES!!!!!!!!!!  Adventuring through… Read More »

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  Animated April 2016 has come & gone!  30 days and 37 movies and TV shows reviewed!  Stick with BasementRejects for more reviews and stories and check out the reviews you missed throughout the month below! April 1, 2016 Family… Read More »

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  The Once-ler has found a means to make a fortune. The truffula trees can provide the material to make… Read More »