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As Santa Claus grows close to death, the immortals gather to debate if he should be given the Mantle of… Read More »

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The holiday season is upon us and Rex and Herb are here to guide our trip to the holiday celebration…. Read More »

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To protect his planet Zenn-La, Norrin Radd makes the ultimate sacrifice and becomes the herald of Galactus.  Forced to seek… Read More »

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The Princesses of Power are united as one…or at least by definition.  Although they are all on the same side,… Read More »

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Adora is a faithful servant of Hordak’s Horde and as favorite of Shadow Weaver is poised to take over command… Read More »

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The darkness in Gotham is growing, but Gotham has allies.  With a new Robin named Tim Drake, Batman patrols the… Read More »

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Batman is patrolling the streets and trying to keep Gotham safe. Despite having new resources and allies, the danger in… Read More »

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Batman once again finds himself teamed with a new partner.  When Dick Grayson’s family is murdered, Bruce takes Dick as… Read More »

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Rick’s actions with the Galactic Federation have caused a giant rift in the family leading to a pending divorce between… Read More »

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Jerrica finds that Starlight Music needs new talent and the arrival of the Stingers could be just what she needs… Read More »