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Simba is the hope of his pride and the next chosen rule.  When his father Mufasa meets a tragic fate,… Read More »

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Lionel Frost wants to be a great name in exploration.  He dreams of being known far and wide as an… Read More »

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A boy beginning to doubt the existence of Santa Claus find himself invited on a train to the North Pole… Read More »

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It seems like Batman’s villains are coming out of the woodworks.  When Batman finds Poison Ivy is using Bane and… Read More »

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A killer is prowling the streets of Gotham, but the killer isn’t the only concern of the police.     Gordon is… Read More »

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The Legion of Super-Heroes greatest enemies have a plan. With Tharok, Persuader, and Mano travelling into the past, Star Boy… Read More »

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Everything’s not awesome… With the alien invasion destroying Bricksburg, the people of Bricksburg find themselves living in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic… Read More »

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Doctor Stephen Strange is a surgeon with skills that others would dream of, and while he could use these skills… Read More »

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Superman is dead at the hands of Doomsday, and there is a vacuum of power in the world that needs… Read More »

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Ralph and Vanellope are like peas and carrots…they cannot be separated and they do everything together.  While Ralph loves the… Read More »