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  Scrooge hates Christmas. He’s cruel to his employee Bob Cratchit and ignores his nephew. This Christmas Eve, Scrooge is… Read More »

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  A boy beginning to doubt the existence of Santa Claus find himself invited on a train to the North… Read More »

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  Dr. Stephen Strange, haunted by his failure to save his own sister, finds himself headed down a path of… Read More »

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    Simba is born to lead the Pride and be the king of all the plains, but his uncle… Read More »

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  Music brought to life…interpretational art, Mickey Mouse as a magician’s apprentice, Greek mythology, and even the creation of Earth… Read More »

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  Disney brings more music to the screen with help from conductor James Levine and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  To… Read More »

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    The new Terrence and Philip movie has come out and the kids are anxious to see it…unfortunately it… Read More »

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  Shen had a destiny…he wanted to rule the world and the only thing potentially standing in his way is… Read More »