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A little mouse named Olivia Flaversham (voiced by Susanne Pollatschek) has her toymaker father Hiram Flaversham (voiced by Alan Young)… Read More »

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Pete (Sean Marshall) with the help of his often invisible dragon friend Elliott (voiced by Charlie Callas) escapes his cruel… Read More »

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The dead are rising from the grave and they are hungry for human flesh.  Barbra and her brother Johnny are… Read More »

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Journey to South America with the Disney artists as they explore the continent!  As Donald explores Lake Titicaca, the mountains,… Read More »

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A girl named Penny (voiced by Michelle Stacy) has been enslaved by Madame Medusa (voiced by Geraldine Page) and sent… Read More »

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The toymaker Geppetto has always wanted a real boy. When he wishes upon the star, the Blue Fairy grants his… Read More »

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Little Wart (voiced by three actors Rickie Sorenson, Richard Reitherman, and Robert Reitherman) is accustom to being kicked about as… Read More »

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When Krona erupts from Oa’s sun, the Green Lantern Corps must summon their entire forces for battle the attacker.  With… Read More »

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Superman is dying.  When Lex Luthor realizes Superman is a giant solar battery for energy, he tricks him into absorbing… Read More »

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In Japan in 1958, a professor takes his daughter Satsuki and Mei to live in the countryside so they can… Read More »