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  It is Halloween night and Jenny, Ralph, Tom, and Wally are prepared for their annual trick-or-treating.  When they discover… Read More »

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  Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad, Esq. has car fever and will do anything to satisfy it.  When he’s accused of… Read More »

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  Something is headed toward Earth. When a drone of Brainiac is destroyed by Superman, Superman learns from his cousin… Read More »

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  A disease is spreading among dogs, and Mayor Kenji Kobayashi has decided dogs must be banned from Megasaki City…beginning… Read More »

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  Vincent van Gogh has been dead for a year.  When a letter to his brother surfaces, Joseph Roulin pushes… Read More »

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  When the Avengers deem the Hulk is too dangerous to try to control, they jettison him into space to… Read More »

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  Miguel Rivera dreams of being a great musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz.  Unfortunately, Miguel’s family has… Read More »

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  Tim Templeton is an only child and enjoys having his parents to himself. When he learns that he’s going… Read More »

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  Pilot Hal Jordan has just been tapped for a new job…helping defend the universe as a member of the… Read More »

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  There’s a new Commissioner Gordon in town and it could spell trouble for Batman! Commissioner Barbara Gordon believes Batman… Read More »