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  The One Ring has surfaced in the Shire, and it is up to Frodo Baggins to take the ring… Read More »

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  Nightwing has returned to the Teen Titans as they fight to take down Brother Blood and his followers.  Unbeknownst… Read More »

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  Judy Hopps dreams of being a police officer in the greatest city in the world…Zootopia.  When she finally achieves… Read More »

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  Kubo has abilities.  Like his mother he can control elements and form things from his thoughts.  He has dreams… Read More »

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  Frank loves Brenda, and Brenda loves Frank.  Frank is a sausage who intends to get into Brenda’s bun when… Read More »

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  Princess Elsa of Arendelle was born with a gift…she has power over the cold though it is out of… Read More »

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  Mowgli (voiced by Bruce Reitherman) has grown up in the jungles of India after the death of his parents… Read More »

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  The war is raging and the Japanese Empire finds itself under attack from United States forces.  When Seita and… Read More »

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  Something new has come to Gotham.  It is old, evil, and dark.  When the Penguin accidentally unleashes Dracula, a… Read More »

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  Batman and the Joker have had a long history of violence.  While the Joker’s actions have ranged from pranks… Read More »