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  A killer is prowling the streets of Gotham, but the killer isn’t the only concern of the police.     Gordon… Read More »

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  The Legion of Super-Heroes greatest enemies have a plan. With Tharok, Persuader, and Mano travelling into the past, Star… Read More »

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  Everything’s not awesome… With the alien invasion destroying Bricksburg, the people of Bricksburg find themselves living in a dangerous,… Read More »

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  Doctor Stephen Strange is a surgeon with skills that others would dream of, and while he could use these… Read More »

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  Superman is dead at the hands of Doomsday, and there is a vacuum of power in the world that… Read More »

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  Ralph and Vanellope are like peas and carrots…they cannot be separated and they do everything together.  While Ralph loves… Read More »

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  When the battle against the Underminer brings the outlawing of superheroes once again to a head, Bob, Helen, Violet,… Read More »

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  Icare lives a sheltered life with his alcoholic, abusive mother who refers to him as Zucchini.  When an accident… Read More »

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  Ginei Studios is coming down. The once prestigious film studio is now a thing in the past and interviewer… Read More »

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  It is Christmas Eve, and Hana has asked for a miracle.  The trans woman, her alcoholic friend Gin, and… Read More »