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  U.S. Marshal Ryland Givens (Timothy Olymphant) sometimes thinks shooting first and asking question later is the way to go. … Read More »

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  On the planet of Lothal, a young thief named Ezra Bridger is about to meet his destiny.  Teaming up… Read More »

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  Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) leads a complex life.  She drinks too much and spends her time working as a… Read More »

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  The Batman continues to patrol Gotham to make it safer for Gothamites, but danger is never far away.  Batman… Read More »

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  Spider-Man, Iceman, and Firestar are fighting crime and protecting the world from villains.  As Peter Parker, Bobby Drake, and… Read More »

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  Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is a spoiled, entitled rich boy.  When he, his father (Jamey Sheridan), and his girlfriend’s… Read More »

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  The war appears to be winding down…but Robb Stark’s death just means that new rivals are rising.  As Daenerys… Read More »

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  The war is raging and Robb Stark (Richard Madden) is continuing to attack the Lannister’s strongholds.  As King Joffrey… Read More »

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  For three years, the Batman has been waging a secret war against crime in Gotham City.  The police deny… Read More »

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  The LAPD have a tough job on their hands.  They have to patrol a massive, sprawling city while carrying… Read More »