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  It is the annual Purge, but the Purge has a new threat in Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) who… Read More »

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  Amnesiac Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) finds himself as a secret agent of the Church who is sent to deal… Read More »

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  The Stargate team is sent to watch the Tok’ra extraction ceremony for Ba’al (Cliff Simon), but when they start… Read More »

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  The Triwizard Tournament is one of the Wizarding World’s most acclaimed events and Hogwarts is hosting it.  Despite being… Read More »

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  Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has assembled a team of the worst of the worst villains.  Under her control and… Read More »

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  Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) are in big trouble when four of their greatest villains team-up in… Read More »

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  A vision of death has come to Fiver, and Fiver’s brother Hazel realizes that the warren must move.  Unable… Read More »

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  Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is on top of the world.  He’s Spider-Man and an Avenger…sort of…even if Iron Man… Read More »

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  A young boy named Kevin (Craig Warnock) who is ignored by his technology obsessed parents suddenly finds himself on… Read More »

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  The end is nearing for humanity as the number of last human survivors face extinction at the hands of… Read More »