Wii U Reviews

shovel knight box art review
Shovel Knight (, , , , , )
October 28, 2018 -

  The Shovel Knight and Shield Knight are warriors of legend.  When the Shield Knight is overtaken by a curse,… Read More »

captain toad treasure tracker box art wii u
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (, )
October 14, 2018 -

  Ready for adventure!  Captain Toad and Toadette are out seeking treasures, but a problematic giant bird named Wingo threatens… Read More »

yoshis woolly world box art wii u review
Yoshi’s Woolly World ()
July 29, 2018 -

  Kamek has vowed to make his master Baby Bowser more powerful…by collecting yarn from Yoshi’s island!  With his people… Read More »

kirby and the rainbow curse box art review
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse ()
July 21, 2018 -

  Someone has stolen all of the color from Dream Land.  With only Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee able to… Read More »

steamworld dig a fistful of quarter box art review
SteamWorld Dig (, , , , , )
June 9, 2018 -

  Rusty has arrived in Tumbleton with a deed and a dream of striking it rich. Rusty has inherited his… Read More »

animal crossing amiibo festival box art review
Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival ()
April 1, 2018 -

  The inhabitants of Animal Crossing are having a party and playing a game to celebrate.  Head out and try… Read More »

mario tennis ultra smash box art review
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash ()
January 25, 2018 -

  Restring your rackets and grab a super mushroom, Mario and his friends are hitting the courts again!  Get your… Read More »

lego the hobbit box art video game
Lego The Hobbit (, , , , , , , )
December 2, 2017 -

  Bilbo Baggins has just been signed up for a death defying journey!  He’s teamed with Gandolf as a group… Read More »

f-zero box art super nes racing
F-Zero (, , , )
November 1, 2017 -

  The F-Zero race is on as the world’s top driver sign up to compete in zero gravity F-1 races… Read More »

legend of zelda the minish cap box art link
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (, , )
March 4, 2017 -

  A young boy named Link finds himself thrust into the role of hero when a sorcerer named Vaati turns… Read More »