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jared from subway catching a monster poster documentary
Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster (2023) ()
May 28, 2023 -

Jared Fogle was a Cinderella story.  A dangerously obese young man turns his life around, finds fame and attention he… Read More »

creepshow season 3 poster review episode guide list
Creepshow—Season 3 ()
May 1, 2023 -

The Creep is back with a bunch of tales of horror and macabre.  With killer flowers telling tales of death,… Read More »

south park season 25 dvd cover review episode guide list
South Park—Season 25 ()
April 27, 2023 -

Following the turbulent COVID pandemic, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman are just trying to get back to normal.  With threats… Read More »

it poster 1990 movie tim curry stephen king
It (1990) (, )
April 25, 2023 -

There is something evil living beneath Derry, Maine, and every thirty years, it rises to feast.  As children, Bill Denbrough… Read More »

star wars tales of the jedi season 1 poster review episode guide
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi—Season 1 ()
April 25, 2023 -

The Jedi help keep the galaxy at peace for years…and the stories of their adventures are legend.  From Ahsoka young… Read More »

south park post covid dvd cover paramount plus episode guide
South Park—Post COVID ()
April 23, 2023 -

COVID has ravaged the planet and changed society forever.  Now in the future, Stan    learns that he must do what… Read More »

mandalorian season 3 poster review episode guide
The Mandalorian—Season 3 ()
April 20, 2023 -

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) has lost his way.  Travelling with Grogu and wielding the Dark Sabre, he realizes the only… Read More »

one punch man season 1 blu ray review episode guide
One-Punch Man—Season 1 ()
April 18, 2023 -

Saitama has trained to the max…his missing hair proves it.  When he becomes the unwilling master to an apprentice named… Read More »

doctor who season 1 box set blu-ray review episode guide
Doctor Who—Season 1 ()
April 2, 2023 -

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) leads a dull life with her mother Jackie (Camille Coduri) and her boyfriend Mickey (Noel Clarke). … Read More »

dexter season 1 poster review episode guide
Dexter—Season 1 ()
March 25, 2023 -

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) studies blood spatters…when he isn’t making them himself.  Dexter is also a serial killer and… Read More »