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children of the corn iv the gathering poster 1996 movie
Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering (1996) ()
October 8, 2020 -

Grace Rhodes (Naomi Watts) has taken a leave from medical school to go home to take care of her ailing… Read More »

snatchers poster 2019 movie
Snatchers (2019) ()
October 8, 2020 -

Sara Steinberg (Mary Nepi) has finally made it.  She’s a senior and running with the most popular students.  When her… Read More »

mad rons prevues from hell poster 1987 movie
Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell (1987) ()
October 7, 2020 -

In a closed theater, a special kind of midnight movie is being shown.  Projectionist Mad Ron (Ron Roccia) has assembled… Read More »

black box poster 2020 movie
Black Box (2020) ()
October 6, 2020 -

After a traumatic accident that killed his wife and left him a single father, Nolan (Mamoudou Athie) is struggling to… Read More »

invasion of the body snatchers poster 1978 movie
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) ()
October 6, 2020 -

A strange web has fallen over San Francisco leaving odd parasitic flowers popping up around the city.  Health inspector Matthew… Read More »

spawn of the slithis poster 1978 movie
Spawn of the Slithis (1978) ()
October 6, 2020 -

In Venice Beach, a monster has surfaced and it is hungry.  First killing dogs and then turning to people, the… Read More »

grudge poster 2020 movie
The Grudge (2020) ()
October 5, 2020 -

Fiona Landers (Tara Westwood) has witnessed horror in a house in Tokyo.  Returning home, something followed Fiona and now that… Read More »

demon of paradise poster 1987 movie
Demon of Paradise (1987) ()
October 4, 2020 -

On a lake in a small Hawaiian resort, trouble is brewing.  A legendary monster named Akua has awakened, and the… Read More »

dick johnson is dead poster 2020 movie review
Dick Johnson Is Dead (2020) ()
October 3, 2020 -

Dick Johnson is dead…or at least he will be.  He could crushed by a falling object, fall down the stairs,… Read More »

american murder the family next door poster 2020 documentary movie
American Murder: The Family Next Door (2020) ()
October 3, 2020 -

Everything seemed perfect for Shanann Watts and her husband Christopher Watts.  When the expecting mother and her two girls disappeared… Read More »