Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

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Movie Name:  Wreck-It Ralph

Studio:  Walt Disney Animation Studios

Genre(s):  Animated/Family

Release Date(s):  November 2, 2012

MPAA Rating:  PG


So…who wants to go out and kill tonight?

Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) just wants to be a hero.  For thirty years, he’s been tearing down building and playing the chump to Fix-It Felix, Jr. (voiced by Jack McBrayer) in his video game.  When Ralph realizes that he can simply win another video game to become a hero, Ralph sets out on a quest to become the hero he’s always wanted to be.  With adventure into Hero’s Duty and then onto a racing game called Sugar Rush, Ralph makes an unlikely ally in a little girl named Vanellope von Schweetz (voiced by Sarah Silverman).  Will Ralph’s actions wreck everything he touches or can he make his own destiny?


Listen kid…I will crush you!

Directed by Rich Moore, Wreck-It Ralph is the fifty-second entry in the Walt Disney Animated Classic series following Winnie-the-Pooh in 2011.  The movie was released in standard 2D and a 3D version.  The fictionalized game Fix-It Felix Jr. is available in a flash-game has also spawned spin-off games.  The movie was met with favorable reviews and nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest CGI animate feature fan.  I think they are good movie, but I’m a bigger fan of classic animation and old style Disney.  Despite this, when I saw the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph I was rather excited as a gamer from the golden age of video games.  In this aspect Wreck-It Ralph did not disappoint.


You’ll do what for this cherry, Q*Bert?!?!

Wreck-It Ralph has a fun mesh of video games and I wish an arcade like Litwak’s Arcade near me.  The best part of the film is the cameos by other characters.  Be it Bowser and Zangief in Ralph’s support group for video game villains, or even smaller (and better cameos) by Burger Time’s Peter Pepper, Frogger, and Dig-Dug.  I was happy to see Q*Bert (another favorite of mine growing up) get a bigger role…Q*Bert deserves some love!

The movie’s story however is a rather typical Pixar/Disney blend.  As soon as Ralph leaves Hero’s Duty for Sugar Rush, I feel the movie loses steam.  I wanted more video game meshing and felt that the script should have somehow allowed Ralph to keep jumping video games.  The ending sequence with the great credits had more games in it than the movie…if only they had stuck with that theme…though I do see a directed-to-DVD sequel with more of that story.

Stuck in Sugar-Rush, I also felt the “Turbo” aspect of the story was a bit thrown in.  It is referenced early but it needed to be more developed.  Alan Tudyk (of Firefly) does his dead on Ed Wynn imitation as King Candy, but I think they should have just left the Turbo aspect out if they weren’t going to devote more time to building it up.


I hate musicals…I mean I hate aliens!

The movie has tons of vocal talents.  This is surprisingly John C. Reilly’s first animated film which is odd with such a distinctive voice.  Sarah Silverman is good as the peppy Vanellope and 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer makes a perfect do-gooder like Fix-It Felix, Jr.  Jane Lynch’s tough-as-nails first-person-shooter Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun seems just like an extension of her Glee character.  Other nice performances include Alan Tudyk (as mentioned above), Mindy Kaling (as Taffyta Muttonfudge), Dennis Haysbert (as General Hologram), Adam Carolla (as Wynnchel), Horatio Sanz (as Duncan), Edi McClurg (as a Nicelander), and Ed O’Neill as the arcade owner Mr. Litwak.

Wreck-It Ralph is entertaining and will have kids and adults laughing.  I still feel that Disney has dumbed down a bit on the jokes for audience even if they are fitting for the story.  Kids and adults can be entertained with less in your face forced laughs…go for the smart laugh with something like The Muppets.  I digress however and still recommend Wreck-It Ralph to all fans of ’80s and ’90s video games and their children.  A sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet was released in 2018.  Disney is following Wreck-It Ralph with Frozen in 2013.

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