Weeds—Season 1

7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Acting: 8/10
Visuals: 8/10

Shows a lot of potential, Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins

Needs to be harder hitting and riskier


Welcome to town!

Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) has been widowed and left with two children and an expensive mortgage in the affluent town of Agrestic.  As she struggles to raise her children Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Botwin), Nancy has a couple of new business partners in Heylia James (Tonye Patano) and Conrad Shepard (Romany Malco).  Nancy has decided to become the top drug dealer for Agrestic and business is booming.  As Nancy’s business soars, her friend Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) is facing problems of her own.  Nancy is carving out a future for herself and paranoia might just be part of the business.

Showtime’s Weeds is a half-hour humor/drama series along the lines of Nurse Jackie.  The show has been recognized for numerous awards, and both Elizabeth Perkins and Mary-Louise Parker received high marks for this freshman season.


Kid…you’re weird.

Weeds is odd.  It isn’t the best show I’ve seen, but it is entertaining and keeps moving.  It feels like the series made some obvious changes after the first episode “You Can’t Miss the Bear” which has a totally different feel from the other episodes in the season.  I wasn’t even aware that Celia and Nancy were supposed to be friends after the first episode and felt that Celia was supposed to be the town busybody.  Also Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon) has a son that I thought was going to figure into the storyline (I kind of feel Justin Kirk was brought in as Andy to replace this character a few episodes in).

The acting of both Elizabeth Perkins and Mary-Louise Parker are worth checking out.  Both characters have very different arcs and are a lot of fun to watch.  Much of the supporting cast is strong…good but not great. With other shows having great strong kid actors, both Hunter Parrish and Alexander Botwin are faced with uphill battles to really make waves in the series.


Shane, don’t ask me about my business…

The writing and storytelling is good, but with so many strong cable shows out there it feels a bit generic.  As I mentioned, it kind of feels like the humor/drama balance of Nurse Jackie, I like this show, but I want to like it even more.  With something like Nurse Jackie compared with Weeds, Weeds comes up short, but independently, Weeds is strong.

Though I’m a little harsh on this season of Weeds, I will definitely be checking out more seasons soon.  The show has a bit of a hook to it and some shocking (and once again typical of cable shows) ending adds more spin to the series which up until the last few episodes feels a bit too light…plus, you can’t go wrong with a big parody of The Godfather to round out the show.  Check out Weeds’ first season, but I feel pretty confident saying that I think season two will be even better.

Weeds—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“You Can’t Miss the Bear”

1.1       You Can’t Miss the Bear Airdate:  08/07/05

Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) is a widow.  Her husband died in front of their child Shane (Alexander Botwin) who is still scarred from it and her other son Silas (Hunter Parrish) is rushing into sex with Quinn Hodes (Haley Hudson), the daughter of the subdivision’s busybody Celia (Elizabeth Perkins).  Nancy is making ends meet by selling marijuana to the people of upper-class California town of Agrestic.  With her suppliers Heylia James (Tonye Patano) and Conrad Shepard (Romany Malco), Nancy is becoming the biggest thing to hit Agrestic.  When Nancy learns Josh Wilson (Justin Chatwin) the son of the town council member Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon), is selling to kids against her orders, Nancy has to find a way to stop him.


“Free Goat”

1.2       Free Goat Airdate:  08/14/05

Nancy deals with money problems and is forced to take drastic measures with Heylia to keep her supply.  Celia takes matters into her own hands in dealing with the affair of her husband Dean (Andy Milder) with the tennis pro Helen Chin (Michelle Krusiec), and Silas finds Quinn shipped off to Mexico for exposing it.  Shane watches old tapes of his father Judah (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and suffers an accident that could cause Nancy more money woes.


“Good Shit Lollipop”

1.3       Good Shit Lollipop Airdate:  08/22/05

Nancy discovers she’s competing with a marijuana pharmacy for her cliental and finds help from Conrad on how to combat it.  A mountain lion prowls the Agrestic, and Shane becomes obsessed with killing it.  Celia’s attempt to force her daughter Isabella (Allie Grant) to lose weight backfires.  Silas finds himself a new girlfriend in Megan (Shoshannah Stern).



“Fashion of the Christ”

1.4       Fashion of the Christ Airdate:  08/29/05

Nancy’s husband’s brother Andy (Justin Kirk) comes to town and raises havoc.  As Nancy tries to find a new place to mass produce her baked goods, Heylia introduces her to the Candyman (Jane Lynch).  Andy causes problems with Shane at school and Silas’ girlfriend.  Celia makes a big announcement.


“Lude Awakening”

1.5       Lude Awakening Airdate:  09/05/05

Celia tries to deal with her breast cancer while her husband deals with a case of Coke dropped from a plane on their house.  Silas makes a mistake with Megan and tries to make amends with her.  Nancy is caught in a drive-by while picking up her car and drugs and questions her life as a dealer.  When Nancy refuses to let Andy in on her business, Andy is arrested picking up his own drugs…leading Nancy to make a legal connection with an attorney named Ms. Greenstein (Allison Janney).


“Dead in the Nethers”

1.6       Dead in the Nethers Airdate:  09/12/05

Nancy prepares to purchase her front and is forced to introduce Conrad to Celia.  Silas and Megan make a big first step, and Nancy worries about Shane.  Andy’s court ordered drug support group leads him to hook up with his sponsor Sharon (Brooke Langton).  A night out with Celia and Conrad leads Nancy to meet another dealer (Keith Diamond) who has a warning for her about her family.  Nancy’s maid Lupita (Renee Victor) learns Nancy’s secret.


“Higher Education”

1.7       Higher Education Airdate:  09/19/05

Nancy finds a new market when she goes to the local college to find a tutor (Maulik Pancholy) for Silas and hires students to deal for her.  Celia has her mastectomy and has to deal with her overbearing mother (Concetta Tomei).  Shane has a new friend named Max (Forrest Landis), but       is more interested in his mother Eileen (Clare Carey).  Nancy discovers someone is targeting her.


“Punishment Light”

1.8       The Punishment Light Airdate:  09/26/05

Celia starts chemotherapy and reveals her night out with Conrad to Dean.  The unveiling of Judah’s headstone corresponds with a karate trip for Shane that leads Nancy to meet Peter Scottson (Martin Donovan) and his son Tim (Daryl Sabara).  Doug and Andy find themselves stoned and hunting a mouse in Nancy’s home.  Lupita receives a warning for Nancy from Alejandro (Vincent Laresca) and Nancy has to take matters into her own hands when confronted.


“Punishment Lighter”

1.9       The Punishment Lighter Airdate:  10/03/05

Nancy opens her bakery shop but faces a setback when she loses her supply to a campus security cop (Todd Stashwick) while meeting with Sanjay.  Nancy turns down Alejandro’s advances but is warned by Alejandro that she’ll need protection. Heylia and Conrad reveal that Nancy was taken by the security guard, and Nancy wonders how she’ll make up the supply.  Shane’s misbehavior at school causes Silas to lash and pushes him closer to Megan’s family.


“The Godmother”

1.10     The Godmother Airdate:  10/12/05

Conrad is warned by Heylia to stay away from Nancy after solving her problem at the college and Conrad tries to push a new way of growing marijuana.  Celia finds Isabella experimenting with a friend, and Isabella finds her old mother is back.  Andy gets bad word from the government and tries to find a way to get out of the army.  Silas drops a bomb on Nancy, and Nancy questions how she should handle her family.  When Conrad goes behind Heylia’s back, Nancy, Alejandro, Sanjay, Doug, Andy, and Dean find themselves in a potential new business venture.  A decision by Nancy to see Peter reveals Peter has secrets also.

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