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Comic Name:   House of M (Secret Wars Limited Series)/House of M

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:   Dennis Hopeless/Cullen Bunn/Brian Michael Bendis

Artist:  Marco Failla/Ario Anindito/Olivier Coipel

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2015

warzones house of m #2 cover quicksilver namor kris anka art

Warzones!: House of M #2

Reprints House of M (Secret Wars Limited Series) #1-4 and House of M #1 (August 2005-December 2015).  Magneto is ruling Genosha with an iron fist, but kings often become targets.  With humanity nearing its end, Luke Cage has vowed to form a team to rise up and stop Magneto, but an even smaller team could be the key to freeing humanity.  While humans try to snuff out Magneto, Magneto has danger from within his own house in the form of Quicksilver who is forming and uneasy alliance with Namor…and Magneto might never see it coming!

Written by Dennis Hopeless and Cullen Bunn, Warzones!:  House of M is part of Marvel’s massive Secret Wars crossover spinoff series.  The collection features art by Marco Failla and Ario Anindito and also contains a “bonus issue” reprint of House of M #1 (August 2005) from which the story springs.

The whole Secret Wars and Warzones! and Battleworlds! series have potential…but are also too far reaching and unlinked.  Under the overall control of Doom, the world is made up of miniworlds.  The House of M storyline was a big event for Marvel, but also not one of my favorite.

Brian Michael Bendis kind of ruined the Avengers for me through a long series of books.  House of M was a book combining the world of the Avengers and X-Men (which I like), but I didn’t really like the story much.  Warzones!:  House of M dips into “a day in the life” of Magneto which happens to be two coup attempts.

warzones house of m #4 cover magneto secret wars

Warzones!: House of M #4

None of the characters come off as very likable.  I can’t even really find myself siding with the humans who are making bad decisions all over the place and allowing Magneto to live much longer than he should.  Quicksilver becomes a threat with Magneto out of the picture, but it feels like that stopping Quicksilver should be a lot easier than stopping Magneto…which the managed to do (plus, why not just kill Polaris if you get a chance).

Everyone just kind of whines in the whole book.  Magneto whines about not having powers, Polaris whines about Quicksilver, Quicksilver whines about being king, Scarlet Witch whines about her kids, Speed and Wiccan whine about humans, and Hawkeye, Misty Knight, and Felicia whine about their situation.  I do like the inclusion of Deathlocket which was kind of unexpected (and maybe did the least amount of whining…but she whined too).

With so many series tied to Secret Wars, it is hard for readers to read them all.  I keep picking up discounted collections of the series and find a few to be somewhat fun, but most to be kind of tedious or underdeveloped due to the short four issue run.  House of M is one of those titles, but it is hard to also gauge it since I wasn’t a fan of the original series.  Hopefully, we won’t return to the House of M again (but I’m sure we will).

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