Thor: Son of Asgard 2: Worthy

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Comic Name: Thor:  Son of Asgard

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Akira Yoshida

Artist: Greg Tocchini

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2005

thor son of asgard #11 cover hela

Thor: Son of Asgard #11

Reprints Thor:  Son of Asgard #7-12 (October 2004-March 2005).  Sif and Thor have always been a pair…but Sif is getting older and hopes for more with Thor.  When Amora decides she wants Thor, she and Loki set a plan in action that could cause Sif to lose Thor forever!  Thor meanwhile is trying to become the man he is destine to be, and being worthy enough to lift Mjolnir requires will that must be earned.

Written by C.B. Cebulski (under the pseudonym Akira Yoshida), Thor:  Son of Asgard Volume 2:  Worthy is a Marvel Comics superhero collection released under the Marvel Age imprint.  Following Thor:  Son of Asgard 1:  The Warrior Teen, the series features art by Greg Tocchini.  Both digest versions of Thor:  Son of Asgard were also collected in a large format volume.

Thor has always been a more unattainable hero for me.  He’s often too strong for the mortal villains and his “thee” and “thou” speeches sometimes just feel like a bad performance from a local renaissance festival.  By taking Thor back to his roots, Thor:  Son of Asgard does make Thor a more tangible hero…and it also brings the soapy drama.

thor son of asgard #12 cover sif moljnir

Thor: Son of Asgard #12

The collection is split into two parts.  The first three issues are “Enchanted” in which Sif tries to force Thor to love her by using the Mirror of Mycha, but of course in true comic book form, everything goes sideways.  Amora teams with Loki to trick Sif and Sif finds herself allied with her other rival Brunnhilda to free him.  It is a little odd that Brunnhilda was brought into the mix, but I did always find her a fun character…I just wish either she had flown solo or Amora had been the only one involved.

The second story “Worthy” wraps up the series by graduating Thor from “unworthy” to “worthy” as he realizes his worth is tied up with the value of his friends.  Thor is unable to hoist Mjolnir until he needs it to save Sif and his ultimate will to sacrifice himself makes him unattainable for Hela.  It is a solid telling of a rather classic style story.  It does wrap the series up, but it feels like there was so much more room for exploration.

Thor:  Son of Asgard 2:  Worthy is a nice addendum to the Thor series and helps expand Thor by humanizing him.  This volume is a bit more interesting in that Loki isn’t much of a factor in the big picture (he is behind Amora’s trick), and it is largely a Sif story followed by Thor story…which is unusual since it seems like most Marvel flashback Thor stories are simply Thor and Loki being kids.  It was nice to have this expansion and exploration…I would welcome a return to it.

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