The Monster Squad (1987)

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Movie Name: The Monster Squad

Studio: Tri-Star Pictures

Genre(s): Horror/Comedy

Release Date(s): August 14, 1987

MPAA Rating: PG-13



The coolest monsters…hanging out in the lamest swamp

The Wolfman’s got nards, and so the kids of the Monster Squad! Dracula has come to a small American city in search of the amulet that has the potential to banish him to limbo. The only one ones who can stop him are a group of kids. Dracula has help. He’s collected his brides, the Gillman, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Frankenstein Monster to due his bidding and stop the Monster Squad before they can stop him.

Directed by Fred Dekker, The Monster Squad kind of bombed at the theater but became a cult classic. The movie kind of feels like The Bad News Bears meets Universal’s classic monsters. It is full of young actors who for the most part peaked with this film.


My name is Horace!

The Monster Squad is a fun movie. Unlike a lot of kids movies that sweeten up the children, these kids are smart, crass, and more real. They swear and hang out (though even in 1987, I doubt you’d find a group of kids this interested in the classic horror films). It is the type of movie that if a parent sat their kids down to see it and started to pay attention to what is going on, might turn off the TV…and as a kid, those are always the best type of movie.

Nothing is safe in The Monster Squad, the kids talk about everything and was saddled with a PG-13 rating. This probably eliminated a chunk of the audience that would have enjoyed it because it is more like a ten, eleven, or twelve-year old type of audience. By the time kids are thirteen, they’ve moved on to slasher and more gory type horror and a back to basics film like The Monster Squad might seem too juvenile when something like an R-Rated Friday the 13th is easy to get into.


We’re kids…we’re screwed.

The effects of The Monster Squad are quite good (at least the creatures are). The monsters were designed by Stan Winston and some nice editing gets around some of the low budget look. The actual special FX are a bit dated with some bad green screen action, but it is forgivable. It was the ’80s.

Plot-wise there are of course some problems. It makes sense why Dracula has come to this town, but it doesn’t really make sense why all the other monsters showed up. He “collected” them, but for what reason it is unknown. It seems his plan wasn’t that well thought out, and he had a hundred years to plan it. It was really lucky that Van Helsing’s book showed up when it did, but like all events of this magnitude why do they have to wait till the minutes before the event to really act.

The Monster Squad is just silly fun. It isn’t great, it isn’t awful. It has a lot of fun quotable parts and if your kids want to feel like they are “getting away with seeing an adult movie”, let them watch this. It is pretty mild, but still feels adult enough that they might like it. Like every movie nowadays, there are plans for a remake of The Monster Squad…hopefully, the Wolfman kept his nards.

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