The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)

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Movie Name:  The Last Exorcism Part II

Studio:  Strike Entertainment

Genre(s):  Horror

Release Date(s):  March 1, 2013

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It’s been a bad week…

Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) has escaped the cult which forced her to bear a demonic child and is sent to a halfway home in New Orleans to start a new life.  As she tries to remember and cope with her past, Nell discovers she’s being watched and a creeping evil seems to surrounding her.  The demon from her nightmares is coming back and this time it could consume her.

Directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly, The Last Exorcism Part II is a horror follow-up to The Last Exorcism of 2010.  The film dropped the found footage aspect of the original film and changed to a straight-forward style of filmmaking.  The movie wasn’t as well received as the original and thought it profited, it wasn’t as much of a success.


…and all the girls were arrested for internet piracy…

I was pleasantly surprised by The Last Exorcism.  It wasn’t the best film ever made, but it was more entertaining than I had expected.  The Last Exorcism Part II however felt very generic and like more of a chore.

The story from The Last Exorcism Part II moves at a snails pace.  In found-footage films, this is acceptable since it has to be “real life”.  This is a standard film and needs to move faster…especially since the previous film was slow.  Plus, the sequel fails to explain the ending of the first film and the demon baby.  Is this the demon that is trying to possess her, or is this unrelated to this plot?  I did like the weird tie-in to the original film with the footage from The Last Exorcism being viral on the internet (who published it would also be a mystery).


Hey, where’s that Eyes Wide Shut party?

The acting in the movie also goes down hill in this picture.  I didn’t like the lead in the first film, but I thought Ashley Bell was believable.  Here, too much is put on her as an actress and she doesn’t really hold the film together.  She doesn’t have much support from her cast which is also quite weak.  For the success of the first film

The visuals of the movie aren’t very good.  There is little memorable about the film.  The exorcism of this film doesn’t even have the intensity of the first film and fails to shock or scare.  With a poor plot, the movie really needed better visuals.


What exorcism are we on? Second to last?

The Last Exorcism Part II isn’t really worth the time.  It doesn’t develop the story as much as it should and loses what little elements that made the original entertaining.  Ashley Bell (though possessed) was kind of charming in the first film, but here is way out of her league as an actress.  With tons of great horror films that provide more scares and laughs, The Last Exorcism Part II doesn’t even rank.  Plans for a third film have yet to develop, but the movie leaves an opening for a sequel.

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