The Descent: Part 2 (2009)

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Movie Name: The Descent:  Part 2

Studio: Celador Films

Genre(s): Horror

Release Date(s): December 2, 2009

MPAA Rating: R


So going down in a hole with a crazy person who just appeared covered in blood a couple of days ago…good idea right?

Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) has escaped the underground and is found wandering the woods.  A search party has been set up to find Juno (Natalie Mendoza) by her father who is a senator and the police are forced to make Sarah lead them back into an underground mine.  Now Sarah and the search party are the prey as the creatures hunt them…but this time the creatures aren’t alone.

Directed by Jon Harris, The Descent:  Part 2 was the follow-up to the popular cult success The Descent on 2005.  The movie was released in the theaters in Europe but straight to DVD in the United States.  The movie was met with moderate to negative reviews.

The Descent was pretty good.  It was tense, decently acted, and had some good monsters…The Descent:  Part 2 is possibly one of the worst movies I’ve seen (partially because I watched it with a little hope that the original was going help develop this into a story that could rise above the stupid premise).


I’m a spunky teen pregnant girl who has a way with words…oh wait…different Juno (though that Juno could show up just as realistically as my return in this movie)

There are tons of things wrong with The Descent:  Part 2.  The story is ridiculous.  I’m sure that logically they would take a suspect back into the caves to “show them around”, especially when she is pretty much catatonic.  Of course, they all get separated when there is a cave-in (of course).  Sarah has to piece together what happened by finding the bodies of her friends and video of the encounters with the creatures.  This is kind of boring because most people who see The Descent Part 2 already saw The Descent and know what happened.  The next problem is that Juno somehow survived.  It really doesn’t make sense.  ***Spoiler Alert*** To top it all off, the ending is horrible.  As Juno, Sarah, and Elen (Krysten Cummings), who was sent with the team as a deputy, reach the exit found by Juno, they encounter an army of creatures.  It turns into a kill fest with Juno and Sarah dying, allowing Elen to escape so she can be reunited with her daughter.  Once Elen reaches the surface, she tries to call her daughter, is knocked out by a shovel, and left for the creatures outside of the hole by the caretaker who thinks (I guess) that the creatures are the descendants of his grandfather or something.  It isn’t very clear and quite pointless.


Grrrr…The real reason I’m attacking is that I have to be in this crappy sequel.

The reason The Descent worked is that the characters were pretty interesting.  The stock characters in this movie really have no dimension.  They are very generic.  Another problem is that by the end of The Descent, you’ve kind of lost all respect for Sarah who allowed her jealousy of Juno’s affair with her husband to sacrifice and kill Juno (and the fact that Juno accidentally killed Beth (Saskia Mulder) and was never able to explain what happened didn’t help her cause).  The Descent:  Part 2 is suppose to be Sarah’s redemption, but even then Juno seems to take the higher ground through the whole movie.

The creatures still are neat, but that can’t pull The Descent:  Part 2 out of the divebomb that the story sent it into.  The characters aren’t interesting, the sets are relatively uninteresting, and the visuals are more of the same.  This is a sequel that no one wanted and shouldn’t have been made.

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