Swamp Thing 4: Seeder

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Story: 8/10
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Nice follow-up to Snyder's run

Feels a part of a big picture rather than a complete storyline

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Swamp Thing (Volume 5)

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Charles Soule

Artist:  Kano/Jesus Saiz/Alvaro Lopez/David Lapham

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2014


Swamp Thing (5) #19

Reprints Swamp Thing (5) #19-23 and #23.1 (June 2013-November 2013).  Swamp Thing finds that he must decide the direction of his life with Abby out of it, but the whispers of a man calling himself Seeder could pose new problems for the Avatar of the Green.  Seeder is spreading toxic seeds around the world and the attacks are hurting the Green.  Seeking out Superman for advice, Swamp Thing finds himself in battle with the Scarecrow and Seeder’s attack in Scotland has Swamp Thing facing off against Constantine.  As Seeder gets closer and closer to Swamp Thing, Alec Holland’s life as the Avatar could be coming to an end.

Written by Charles Soule, Swamp Thing 4:  Seeder takes up after the departure of Scott Snyder who wrote the first three volumes of Swamp Thing.  Picking up after Swamp Thing 3:  Rotworld—The Green Kingdom, Swamp Thing 4:  Seeder contains the two issue Superman team-up along with “The Whisky Tree” storyline and DC’s Villain Month stand-alone issue Swamp Thing (5) #23.1 (November 2013) which focuses on Swamp Thing’s long-time villain Arcane.

I enjoyed Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing and with Swamp Thing having a storied past with Alan Moore, I always look to see what different authors do with the character.  Many times Swamp Thing has struggled…and here Swamp Thing appears to be in good hands.


Swamp Thing #23.1

Much like Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing, Soule shows a bigger picture storyline involving Swamp Thing.  The collection is almost a misnomer to be called Seeder since Seeder is really a fringe character in the book and building to a bigger showdown.  The two part Superman/Scarecrow storyline seemed a little obligatory, but I enjoyed the stories following it.

DC’s Villains’ Month really felt jarring to a lot of series and split up storyline.  Though it does do that here, it does feel a bit more appropriate.  It felt like there were some unanswered questions after Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing and it felt good to see Arcane and Abby back for the stand alone story.  I find Arcane to be one of the creepier characters in the DC universe and always enjoy an Arcane story.

Swamp Thing 4:  Seeder shows that despite the creative change, there is still a lot of potential for Swamp Thing and his “cast”.  Snyder rolled Constantine back into Swamp Thing’s life (where he originally started) and Soule is continuing to try to keep Swamp Thing more connected to the DC Universe instead of just being an outsider.  Support Swamp Thing and keep reading it if you quit after the first storyline…it will be interesting to see where Soule takes it.  Swamp Thing 4:  Seeder is followed by Swamp Thing 5:  The Killing Field.

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