Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

star wars the force unleashed ii box art review
6.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
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Slick looking at points, good sound and decent controls

Short, some glitches, and visual issues

Game Info

Game Name:  Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed II

Developer(s):  LucasArts/Aspyr Media/Red Fly Studio

Publisher(s):   LucasArts

Platform(s):   PS3/Xbox 360/PC/Wii/NDS

Genre(s):   Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):   October 16, 2010

ESRB Rating:   T

star wars the force unleashed electricity starkiller gameplay screenshots

When all else fails…electrocute

Starkiller has been reborn!  A potential clone of the original Starkiller, Starkiller find himself setting out to find out the truth about his origin.  When Darth Vader threatens his love Juno Eclipse, Starkiller joins the Rebellion in an attempt to rescue him from the man who may or may not have created him.

Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed II is a follow-up sequel to Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed from 2008.  The game was met with mixed reviews and criticism.  A Wii version of the game contained bonus content and generally was better received than the other platform versions of the game.  An “Endor” downloadable content pack featured an alternate take on Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi based on events of Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed.

star wars the force unleashed ii kamino the return planet fall starkiller gameplay screenshot

Better stick the landing!

I enjoyed Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed.  It was short but fun, and it really let you cut loose with Jedi powers in a way that many of the other Star Wars games ever allowed.  I was pretty disappointed when I read initial reviews of Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed II which slammed the game for its length and problems in its design.  When Xbox Live offered Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed II for free, I downloaded it.  It was worth the download, but I see the problems.

The game is rather short.  I barely get enough time to play and managed to finish it rather quickly.  For me, this isn’t an issue since I got the game free, but if I had been someone who purchased it day of release, I would be pretty upset.  There is some replay of the game, but it is mostly achievement/trophy based (in addition to an alternate ending like the first game).

I will say the cut scenes are quite good.  The look and style of the game has a real film quality to it.  If the story is boiled down, it isn’t a bad story, but it is too short and predictable.  The game can be pretty glitchy at times and there are occasional camera issue in addition to glitches in the boards.

star wars the force unleashed ii vader fight ending starkiller gameplay screenshots

Time to show Vader what you’ve learned

The game did provide more fore powers, but I primarily just knock people off their feet, hit them with lightsabers, or electrocute everyone near me…and it works (the grapple move makes it too easy).  There are a number of quick-time events that sometimes get on my nerve and are often frustrating (but missing them rarely seems to penalize you).

Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed II is a nice follow-up to Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed but it is also skimpier and even less developed than the first game.  What works about it is that you get to be a Jedi and trash stuff.  What doesn’t work about it is that the game is short and doesn’t seem to require much skill or patients to get through…just smash and grab.  The game ends on a cliffhanger essentially, but the purchase of LucasArts by Disney wiped out plans for the sequel…which is unfortunate or a good thing depending on how you thing the games were headed.

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