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south park season 21 episode 2 put it down heidi cartman rap suicide

The saga of Cartman and Heidi!

The danger is growing as President Garrison has thrown the world into turmoil.  In South Park, the more shocking news is that Cartman still has a girlfriend in Heidi.  As Cartman has an on-and-off again relationship with Heidi, Kyle finds himself questioning his own feelings for Heidi.  While people struggle for jobs as Alexa booms, Tweek feels targeted by North Korea, and the NFL struggles with a ratings crash…and it could only happen in South Park.

South Park—Season 21 aired from September 13, 2017 to December 6, 2017.  The show continues to have critical acclaim and strong ratings.  The episode “Franchise Prequel” served as a lead in to the video game South Park:  Fractured but Whole.

The last few seasons of South Park really was serialized.  The stories linked together and culminated in a big blow-up.  While this season still has a big finish, the season is much less serialized and I can’t decide if it is better or worse.

south park season 21 episode 10 splatty tomato principal pc strong woman

Cue up the Hootie and the Blowfish!!!

The series does keep primarily one aspect of serialization and that is the Cartman-Heidi relationship.  Many of the episodes deal with a veiled idea of the battle for a soul of the U.S.  Last season was more overt and this season is more subtle which makes it a bit more “thinky” than previous seasons, but they take a very classic South Park (aka juvenile) approach to a lot the ideas (like an actual witch for a witch-hunt…which was really more about Harvey Weinstein than Trump).  Heidi kind of represents the common person who is swayed to darkness because everyone is telling her how bad Cartman is…and she must decide her own fate in the end (and takes partial blame).

The lack of serialization for almost two decades never bothered me, and the first year of serializing was jarring.  Taking the serialized stories away is jarring again, and it feels a bit lacking.  I like being able to just sit and watch an episode or two without being sucked into a South Park void, but sometimes the void is nice.  I also felt watching the serialized seasons that the stories were so tight and planned that it would be hard to maintain as writers.

south park season 21 episode 10 splatty tomato ike canada president garrison

Will Canada have it’s day of reckoning?

The series hasn’t changed that much over the years visually other than incorporating more computer visuals and becoming a bit more stylized by emulating other art styles, movie, and TV shows.  While South Park was revolutionary when it started, it is kind of a nice basic animated series that feels very comforting (ironically).

South Park continues to be fun and thoughtful.  The show has a tricky balance and could be considered a bit more “fair” to moderate conservatives and liberals by taking multiple sides.  The change in format of the season is another thing that fans can debate, but I don’t know if there is a right or wrong answer on it either.  One thing is for certain is that South Park remains topical and memorable and even if you don’t like an episode or two, overall, the series stands strong.

South Park—Season 21 Complete Episode Guide:

south park season 21 episode 1 white people renovating houses randy marsh

“White People Renovating Houses”

21.1     White People Renovating Houses Airdate:  09/13/17

Randy’s started a show called White People Renovating Houses, but the rise of the racist extreme Alt-Right has threatened to destroy his dreams.  When Randy gets a solution to what the Alt-Right fears, it could cost Cartman his relationship with Alexa.

south park season 21 episode 2 put it down kim jong un north korea tweek

“Put It Down”

21.2     Put It Down Airdate:  09/20/17

Cartman’s struggles to “help” Heidi has led him to declare he intends to commit suicide…unfortunately for Cartman, it is “Distracted Driving” week in South Park.  Tweek’s fears about North Korea are augmented when the President provokes North Korea using Tweek as his example.

south park season 21 episode 3 randy christopher columbus native american

“Holiday Special”

21.3     Holiday Special Airdate:  09/27/17

Randy has a new mission to bring down Christopher Columbus, but when he gets the holiday taken away, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny set out to stop him.  Randy has a secret, and his secret could be his undoing unless he can get help from a DNA test.

south park season 21 episode 4 franchise prequel coon and friends vs mark zuckerberg

“Franchise Prequel”

21.4     Franchise Prequel Airdate:  10/11/17

Coon and Friends has big plans for a multiphase movie, TV, and video game franchise, but Chaos’s attempt to stop them through Facebook could ruin their reputations and threaten the chance at a Netflix contract.  Fearing the rumors being spread by Facebook, the parents of South Park invite Mark Zuckerberg to town for help…but getting him to leave could be harder.

south park season 21 episode 5 hummels and heroin nursing home beatdown

“Hummels and Heroin”

21.5     Hummels & Heroin Airdate:  10/18/17

Stan learns his grandfather is involved in a Hummel trading ring in his nursing home with far larger implications.  After the death of Chuck E. Cheese at his birthday party, Marcus seeks vengeance.

south park season 21 episode 6 sons a witches witch

“Sons a Witches”

21.6     Sons a Witches Airdate:  10/25/17

The men of South Park plan for their Halloween week “Jack and Crack” Witches party, but accidentally release a real witch which preys on children.  Cartman grows tired of Heidi’s lack of planning ruining his fun and decides a plot to break-up once and for all.  President Garrison realizes he might have to step in when a “witch pursuit thing” begins.

south park season 21 episode 7 doubling down kyle heidi cartman

“Doubling Down”

21.7     Doubling Down Airdate:  11/08/17

Cartman and Heidi’s relationship continues to be on the rocks, but Kyle discovers as he defends her that he might have his own feelings for her…leading to wrath from Cartman!  Plus, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell realize that they might have a bigger problem with President Garrison.

south park season 21 episode 8 moss piglets water bears nfl fans

“Moss Piglets”

21.8     Moss Piglets Airdate:  11/15/17

It is the special education science fair and Timmy and Jimmy have an experiment that Nathan and Mimsy plan to sabotage.  Heidi has gone full Cartman and the science fair could be her next victim!

south park season 21 episode 9 super hard pcness netflix terrance and phillip kyle

“Super Hard PCness”

21.9     Super Hard PCness Airdate:  11/29/17

South Park has a new vice principal in Vice Principal Strong Woman, but Strong Woman has a strange effect on Principal PC.  A relaunch of Terrance and Phillip on Netflix has Kyle questioning if Terrance and Phillip are right for today’s audience…with tragic results.

south park season 21 episode 10 splatty tomato fox trap president garrison

“Splatty Tomato”

21.10   Splatty Tomato Airdate:  12/06/17

Canada has been bombed by President Garrison and his approval rating has dropped.  Travelling to South Park for support, Garrison finds only the White family supports him.  Ike’s attempts to avenge his people has the children teaming up and heading into the woods to find him while Heidi discovers herself in a struggle for her own soul!

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