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Super Mario is back


Game Info

Game Name: Super Mario Galaxy

Developer(s): Nintendo EAD Tokyo

Publisher(s): Nintendo

Platform(s): Wii

Genre(s): Platformer/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s): November 12, 2007

ESRB Rating: E


I really think maybe we should improve on the jail system in the Mushroom Kingdom

Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach (shock!) during the Star Festival and heads to space with her.  Mario pursues Bowser and finds himself collecting Power Stars to power the Comet Observatory to pursue Peach.  He is aided by suits giving him the ability to transform into a bee, a Boo, and a spring, plus fire flowers and ice flowers.

Super Mario Galaxy comes back from the boring (but different) Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube and is very reminiscent of Super Mario 64Super Mario 64 set the bar for other 3D cartoon character driven games, but this game advances it.  There is some repetition in levels but there are tons of things to do.  The smart thing by the designers is the way they are able to reuse levels but allow players to explore them in different ways (often by adding different suits or opening new directions for exploration). It also add “Prankster Comets” with challenges that show up throughout the game.


That is some bad indigestion you got buddy

The spring costume (which is obnoxious) and the Boo costume are kind of under used.  This often happens in Mario games when they create a new costume (did the statue costume do anything in Super Mario Bros 3?)  The Bee costume is a fun edition but I kind of wish they’d either bring back the cape (from Super Mario World) or the raccoon tail (from Super Mario 3).


Crap…a giant plant. Well, it still beats having to watch Super Mario Bros.: The Movie

The controls are very smooth and the twisting worlds can sometimes be dizzying (but a very good camera system keeps them from getting too confusing…that’s another improvement from Super Mario 64) and the animation pushes the limits of the Wii.  It is worth completely finishing the game (meaning collecting all possible stars) for a little fun twist to the game play, but like many games, by the time you get this twist you want to put the game down for a while.

Super Mario Galaxy is a real showcase for the Wii.  It shows all the potentials of the Wii and few of its weaknesses.  I wish more games (especially third party games) would check out this game and use it as a format for how their games can be better…even for Xbox and Playstation.  Super Mario Galaxy was followed by Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010.

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