The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

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Smart take on zombies, great visuals

Ending feels a bit like a copout

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Movie Name: Return of the Living Dead

Studio: Orion Pictures

Genre(s): Horror

Release Date(s): August 16, 1985

MPAA Rating: R


Do you love my glamorous hair?

In Louisville, Kentucky, Frank (James Karen) and Freddy (Thom Matthews) have a big problem.  They’ve accidentally unleashed a secret stash of forgotten government chemicals which were behind the events chronicled in Night of the Living Dead.  The chemicals sicken Frank and Freddy and reanimate the dead…plus release a horrible “Tar Man” zombie from the original attack.  When Frank and Freddy’s boss Burt Wilson (Clu Gulager) convinces the neighboring crematorium owner Ernie Kaltenbrunner (Don Calfa) to burn the bodies, the ashes create a rainstorm which awakens all the corpses in a nearby cemetery.  Now, the dead are back, and they’re hungry for brains.


’80s punks rock!!!

Written and directed by Dan O’Bannon, The Return of the Living Dead came as a result of Russo keeping hold of the title “Living Dead” when he and Romero parted ways.  The movie became a big hit and critical success and is cited for modernizing the zombie tale.  The movie has a strong cult following and Matt Groening was allegedly behind the trailer tag line of “They’re Hungry, and They’re not Vegetarians”.

The movie has a very smart script.  The movie is horrific, but loaded with snappy dialogue that still seems fresh.  The plot keeps the movie moving and the infectious nature of zombies makes allows for some good tense moments.  The combination of punks vs. zombies is new and modern (for the time), but I think the final solution of nukes is a bit of a one-laugh weak ending.


Frank & Freddy channel their Abbott & Costello!

The Return of the Living Dead has a great cast.  James Karen and Thom Matthews are fun as the bumbling idiots (and ended up returning for sequel as different characters).  Clu Gulager and Don Calfa are strong as the men who try to cover the conspiracy (and the writer claims to not have named them for the famous Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street).  The punks are also great.  They are dated, but I love the movie for that.  I also love how the good girl Tina (Beverly Randolph) hangs out with the punks, but you have to love the always nude Trash (Linnea Quigley).

The special effects for The Return of the Living Dead are top notch.  I love zombies like the Tar Man who was operated by puppets and the zombie on the table is also another great creation.  Stylistically, the movie does have some weak stuff in unnecessary slow motion, but the movie does make up for it in the zombie imagery.


The Tar Man is still one of the greatest horror creations…wish he’d do more however…

Like it or not, The Return of the Living Dead changed zombie movies.  The movie made zombies more of a joke (allegedly people claim that this is why Day of the Dead bombed shortly after its release).  The film also introduced the brain eating zombies and zombies that ran…something that now is common in zombie films.

The Return of the Living Dead is a great movie.  It is a near perfect horror, comedy.  With strong special effects that hold up, a smart script, and a fun cast, the movie still is a fun ride.  The movie is dated by the style of the film, but that just adds to the movie’s charm.  The Return of the Living Dead was followed by Return of the Living Dead Part II in 1988.

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