Resurrection Man 2: A Matter of Death and Life

5.5 Overall Score
Story: 5/10
Art: 7/10

Interesting character

Story feels rushed and unfinished

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Resurrection Man (Volume 2)/Suicide Squad (Volume 3)

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning/Adam Glass

Artist:  Fernanado Dagino/Jesuss Saiz/Javier Pina/Andres Guinaldo/Mark Irwin/Christian Alamy/Ramon Bachs

# of Issues:   7

Release Date:  2013

resurrection man #8 cover review rafael albuquerque art

Resurrection Man (2) #8

Reprints Resurrection Man (2) #0, 8-12, and Suicide Squad (3) #9 (June 2012-November 2012).  Mitch Shelley wants to find out the keys to his past and everyone is after him.  In addition to the Lab’s Body Doubles, Suicide Squad has been dispatched to bring in Resurrection Man…and dead or alive isn’t an option.  Teamed with P.I. Kim Rebecki, Mitch is close to finding the truth about his powers…but Heaven and Hell want him too!

Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (with Adam Glass writing Suicide Squad #9), Resurrection Man Volume 2:  A Matter of Death and Life is part of DC’s New 52 relaunch.  Following Resurrection Man Volume 1:  Dead Again, the volume collects the final issues of the series.  Resurrection Man (2) #9 and Suicide Squad (3) #9 were also included in Suicide Squad Volume 2:  Basilisk Rising.

When the New 52 started, one of the titles I was interested in was Resurrection ManResurrection Man was one of the titles I kept reading after the first issue, but it was also one of the earlier cancelled titles.  With word of cancellation, I dropped the title…getting to read the last few issues has me wishing that the series had continued.

resurrection man #0 cover francesco francavilla art review

Resurrection Man (2) #0

The series is obviously is sped up because of the cancellation.  It feels like the Suicide Squad portion of the volume was meant to be longer with bigger ramifications…but it doesn’t really seem to pan out.  It could have led to a lot more storylines that never developed due to the cancellation.

The second storyline with the Lab is supposed to be payout for the series and probably wasn’t supposed to happen as quickly as it did.  The story reveals how Shelley got his powers but it feels rather tacked on.  I do give the series credit for at least giving the readers a resolution, but with the continuing nature of comics, it could have been continued somewhere (like Suicide Squad).

Resurrection Man is a strange character, but he’s interesting in that his power is rather unique.  The mystery surrounding Mitch Shelley is what makes Shelley fun…this series spells it out.  I guess that the series could go on in that Mitch’s exploration in what it means to not really be anyone…plus, what the Outcast’s plans are for Mitch.  Unfortunately, Mitch seems to be shelved for now until he is once again resurrected.

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