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Movie Name: [REC]2

Studio: Magnolia Pictures

Genre(s): Horror

Release Date(s): October 2, 2009

MPAA Rating: R


Zombies…Children…which is scarier is unknown.

Taking place almost immediately after the end of the first film, a special forces team is sent into the contaminated building to stop the infection.  Led by an outside officer, the soldiers are about to learn that the infection isn’t what they think.  At the same time, a group of kids outside of the apartment building decide to break in through the sewers.  It is a mistake they will regret.

Directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, [REC]2 (often just written as REC 2) is a Spanish horror film and a sequel to the 2007 film [REC].  The movie was released to mostly positive reviews.


I’m cool & I’m scary…why am I not in this movie more?

[REC] was an entertain movie, not great, but entertaining.  It was done in the style of Cloverfield or The Blair Witch Project or other “found footage” movies.  [Rec]2 continues this trend with the soldiers helmet cameras.  This leads to something between the space marines in Aliens and playing a game like Doom.  The style of this sequel is a bit choppier as a result (the first [REC] was a handheld camera that was used in shooting a documentary).

It is hard to talk about [REC]2 without talking about the twist that does make [REC]2 different from its predecessor.  So if you are dying to see [REC]2 and don’t want to know anything about it (the twist is given about 15 minutes into the movie and alluded to in the first [REC]) then you might want to quit reading until you’ve seen the movie…aka *****Spoiler Alert*****.  At the end of [REC] the secret lab was found at the top of the apartment building, and girl and her camera crew were attacked by a beast.  Around the area, there were articles and artifacts and some hinted at a religious tie.  In this movie, it is revealed that the creatures they are fighting aren’t infected zombies, but humans possessed by demons…but a viral form of demons.  While this is interesting, it also took away a lot of the fear for me.  The risk of infection is still great, but demons seem unstoppable.  If they want to infect you, they will infect you.  This twist kind of killed the movie for me.  I lost interest immediately and was content to have to watch for another hour and fifteen minutes or so.


If we have to go up & down these stairs one more time, someone’s going to die (and it isn’t going to be a zombie)

In general, including the twist, the danger just doesn’t seem as dangerous in this [REC].  Most of the zombies from the original seem to have disappeared, there are some creepy kids, but also I was looking forward to seeing the demonic creature seen at the end of the first movie.  Yes the creature does show up, but the threat is diminished through various aspects of the story.

I admire that they tried to change the themes of the movie and take [REC]2 in a different direction, but would have rather stuck with the original.  Plus for military people, these guys make some really, really stupid moves.  The plotline with the kids is so underdeveloped and pointless also.  They are truly forgettable and mostly serve the purpose of just getting another camera to the military people.  [REC]2 was followed by [REC]3:  Genesis in 2012.

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