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Movie Name: Planet Hulk

Studio: Marvel Animation

Genre(s): Animated/Comic Book/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s): February 2, 2010

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

planet hulk rage

Hulk’s got issues

When the Avengers deem the Hulk is too dangerous to try to control, they jettison him into space to live the rest of his time on an uninhabited planet.  Hulk’s attempts to escape cause the rocket to malfunction, and Hulk ends up on the planet Sakaar and a slave of the Red King.  Forced to battle in the arena, Hulk finds himself bonded with his fellow fighters and whether he likes it or not, he might just become the hero Sakaar needs!

Directed by Sam Liu, Planet Hulk is a Marvel animated feature film.  The movie adapts the first part of the Planet Hulk story written by Greg Pak that ran from April 2006 to June 2007.  The film had special screenings at the New York and Los Angeles before being premiered on Disney XD.

Planet Hulk was a fun storyline that took the Hulk in a completely different direction.  I liked the ending of Planet Hulk a lot because it was a nice rounded story.  Here, you get the start and middle of Planet Hulk, but you don’t get the ultimate Shakespearian payoff.  It still works, but it feels that it could have been better.

planet hulk red king animated

Hail to the King!

In Planet Hulk, Hulk’s happiness is ultimately destroyed (as it turns out by one of his friends)…and Hulk returns to Earth in a rage.  This movie has the characters build up to almost the end of the story which ends rather positively with Hulk as a hero.  The Hulk has always been a tragic character, and he works better as a tragic character.  It is ok to have him “win” on occasion, but it feels a bit off.

A lot of Planet Hulk’s success was the characterization of both the Hulk and his is allies in the Warbound.  The movie is unable to completely develop the Warbound and there are some odd story changes due to copyrights including only Iron Man being highlighted in the people to exile Hulk to space and the biggest change with the replacement of the Silver Surfer by Beta Ray Bill.  I actually really like Beta Ray Bill and never expected him to be on screen (animated or not), but if I were a kid or viewer with no background in comics I’d wonder who this horse man who dresses like Thor is.  If you also look close, Pip the Troll, Star-Lord, Skrulls, and the Grandmaster can be seen in the arena scene.

planet hulk beta ray bill thor

Because everyone demanded it…Beta Ray Bill!!!

The animation for the movie is quite strong, but it is basic animation.  It does little to distinguish itself from other comic book animated films which puts it back on its story which is good but could be better.  A film doesn’t necessarily need to be experimental, but if it has nothing new, it maybe should try to evolve into something different.

Planet Hulk is a solid and decent movie, but it is one of those movies I saw a lot of potential in.  With Marvel animated movies, I kind of lose hope.  DC has established an “animated universe” with continuing storylines or solid and complete stand-alone movies.  Marvel could have easily planned this to be a two part movie with World War Hulk following it and completing the cycle, but Marvel doesn’t seem to have faith in its animated productions.  While Planet Hulk is a nice step, all it is is a step…it doesn’t go any farther.

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