Nurse Jackie—Season 2

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Nurse Jackie is ready to serve up some sound medical advice

Nurse Jackie continues to get better and Edie Falco shows how good of an actress she is.  In a show like Nurse Jackie, you can tell that it isn’t going to end well.  There are people like Dr. Cooper that will end up cruising through life, and there are people like Jackie, who eventually will lead to their own downfall.  This season shows Jackie getting deeper and deeper in her lies and that might cost her family, her job, and even her life.  The writers on the series do a great job balancing the pretty intense drama with comedy and helped flush out some of the lesser developed characters from the first season.  Nurse Jackie can be a bit hard to watch because you don’t want it to blow up in her face, but it has to solve her problems (and to allow her to see what she’s doing to her husband, children, and friends).  In classic cable TV fashion, the season ends in a cliffhanger that makes you want to see more.

Nurse Jackie—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:


2.1     Comfort Food Airdate:  03/22/10

Jackie (Edie Falco) spends time with her family and finds Grace (Ruby Jerins) is still showing signs of her disorder.  Gloria (Anna Deavers Smith) puts Jackie in charge of help encourage the nurses to keep track of the missing drugs.  O’Hara (Eve Best) tells Jackie that she wants to set up a trust fund for her children and Jackie questions if she should allow it.  Jackie finds a challenge when the pill popping intern Sam (Arjun Gupta) returns after a stint at rehab and knows her secret.  Thor (Stephen Wallem) tries to cope with his diabetes and Jackie covers for him when he passes out during a surgery.  Cooper (Peter Facinelli) grows tired of Jackie challenging him in front of the nurses and reports her to Gloria.  While Jackie tries to get coverage for a deaf woman who blows off her hand, Eddie (Paul Schulze) comes in after attempting suicide to get Jackie’s attention.  Jackie decides to go home to her family with cake for the comfort food.


2.2     Twitter Airdate:  03/29/10

O’Hara goes out clubbing after the death of her mother and comes into work still high on Ecstasy.  Jackie learns Cooper is tweeting about patients.  Someone on the street grows tired of God’s criticism from his window and hits him with a bottle.  Sam finds drugs on the ground and continues to pressure Jackie if she is abusing drugs.  Zooey learns God (Michael Buscemi) saw God when unconscious and has to convince him that he might be the son of God when he decides he can’t criticize people anymore.  Jackie goes to Gloria about Cooper and Sam and manages to get a referral for Grace for a child psychiatrist.  Jackie learns that Thor has lost an eye to his diabetes and helps him hide it.  Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) finds Eddie back at his bar and Eddie starts to become his friend.  Jackie sends a family home with a child after receiving preliminary results on a test and is criticized by Cooper for going over him when he reveals the child is going to die.


2.3       Candyland Airdate:  04/05/10

Nurse Jackie finds Grace is hanging out with her former classmate’s daughter Kaitlyn (Cassady Leonard) and Kaitlyn catches her using drugs.  Jackie finds herself threatened by Ginny Flynn (Elizabeth Marvel) and remembers how she use to go after Kevin in school.  Cooper visits Eddie at his new job and reveals that he’s in the top 25 doctors in Manhattan.  Cooper announces his list to the hospital, and Sam accuses him of using a publicist to do it.  A case of migrating testicles gets the doctors excited, and Jackie has to settle the fight.  Jackie gets stuck working a nightshift and returns home to find Eddie babysitting her kids.


2.4     Apple Bong Airdate:  04/12/10

Jackie confronts Eddie about his insinuating himself into her life, and Eddie tells Jackie that he wants back in her life.  Jackie reminds Eddie that it is her family, and Eddie tells Jackie that she’s greedy and angry.  Zooey is forced to save a boy’s life despite the threat to her license and is forced to tell Jackie.  Cooper gets mad at Jackie when she suggests a leukemia patient try pot for the pain, and Jackie tells Cooper that she will do what is best for the patient.  Sam sleeps with O’Hara, and Jackie finds out.  Gloria warns Jackie about subscribing illegal substances and encourages her to go to the child psychiatrist she suggested.  Jackie gets pot for her patient from Lenny (Lenny Jacobson) and teaches him how to make an apple bong.  Jackie and Zooey check in on the kids and Zooey admits to Jackie that she thinks she’s pregnant.  Eddie sabotages Jackie and Kevin’s date night by inviting Kevin to a Mets game.


2.5     Caregiver Airdate:  04/19/10

Jackie worries that Ginny is going after Kevin and learns Kevin and Ginny went to a movie with the kids.  Jackie learns O’Hara knows one of her favorite news reporter Sarah Khouri (Julia Ormond), but O’Hara won’t tell her how.  Jackie learns that Miguel is being assigned to the Pill-O-Matic until the pill disappearance is explained.  An unconscious patient comes in with a gun, and Gloria orders him detained.  Gloria tells Cooper that All Saints is trying to attract higher paying patients and that he’s been selected to be the face of All Saints because of his write-up.  O’Hara finds that she’s having problem losing Sam after their one night stand.  Jackie learns the man carrying the gun is an illegal laborer and that he has the gun to protect his equipment.  Renata Thurber (Marion Ross) comes in delusional, and Thor realizes she is a famous make-up woman for Broadway.  O’Hara reveals that she slept with Sarah and that she still has feelings for her.  Zooey tells Lenny that she might be pregnant and that the father is the brother of the guy she likes.  Jackie allows the illegal alien to escape and turns in Renata Thurber’s caregiver for not taking care of her.  Jackie decides to talk to Eddie and goes to a movie with him.


2.6     Bleeding Airdate:  04/26/10

Jackie sleeps with Eddie again and orders Eddie to quit seeing Kevin.  Jackie continues to object to Grace’s friendship with Kaitlyn and Jackie learns about All Saints’ new push using Cooper’s image.  A woman comes in after a motorcycle crash, and Zooey learns she’s a veteran.  A pill vendor comes into the hospital and gives Jackie samples of a pain reliever.  Zooey continues to tell Jackie that she’s pregnant but admits that she didn’t take a pregnancy test.  Sarah arrives in New York, and O’Hara introduces her to Jackie.  Cooper finds his images are being vandalized and takes it to Gloria.  A man comes in shot by an arrow and reveals that the punctured lung is a transplant.  The veteran dies, and Sarah tells the husband of the death.  Zooey finds she isn’t pregnant and celebrates.  Jackie learns that Eddie is still seeing Kevin.  The driver of the man who shot the arrow reveals that his boss’s connection got the charges dismissed and allows Jackie to key his car.  Eddie tells Jackie that he’s intending to keep Kevin as a friend and that he’ll tell Kevin if Jackie tries to dump him again. Fiona (Mackenzie Aladjem) asks Jackie to make her a cast for her birthday.


2.7     Silly String Airdate:  05/03/10

Fiona celebrates her birthday and Sarah and O’Hara come to the party.  Fiona hits herself on her cast and has to have stitches.  Zooey admits that she made a deal with God to change her way of life if she wasn’t pregnant, and Lenny tries to get with her.  Libby Sussman (Barbara Barrie) comes into the hospital after collapsing, and Gloria tries to get her to provide more funding.  Cooper finds that Sussman refuses to respect him, and Jackie tries to get Sussman to be more respectful to the staff.  Sarah tells Zooey that she needs medication for a spider bite and Zooey is forced to tell Jackie.  Jackie learns that Sarah is playing around, and Sarah tells Jackie that she loves O’Hara.  Cooper decides to tell off Sussman and accidentally gropes her when she yells at him.  Sussman tells O’Hara that she’s cancelling funding but goes into cardiac arrest and dies.  O’Hara decides to lie about Sussman’s death and hopes to keep the funding.  Jackie tells Eddie that she needs to take time to think about their relationship.  Kevin tells Jackie that they need to talk about their marriage and that she needs to be involved in the family.  Jackie tells Kevin that he is supposed to keep the home and that he doesn’t understand her life.


2.8     Monkey Bits Airdate:  05/10/10

Fiona’s teacher questions Fiona’s injuries and wonders if she’s being abused.  O’Hara assigns Sam to Jackie and tells him to watch her.  Jackie agrees to talk to Fiona’s teacher, and Kevin tells Jackie that he’ll take Grace to her psychiatrist.  Jackie takes O’Hara to the school and removes the cast for Show-and-Tell.  Jackie learns that O’Hara isn’t talking to Sarah and asks Jackie if she can spend time with her and Kevin.  Cooper sets up a meeting for Eddie with his friend Georgia (Jennifer Ferrin).  A model (Justine Cotsonas) is hit by a gun in a random shooting and Jackie promises to be there when she wakes up from her surgery.  John Decker (Harvey Fierstein) comes in when his husband suffers a heart attack and learns that he needs his pacemaker turned off.  Grace goes to her psychiatrist and refuses to talk to Jackie.  Decker debates turning off the pacemaker and tells the doctors that he will do it on his schedule.  Jackie forgets to be there for the model, and the model tells Jackie that she needs to keep her promises.  Eddie takes Georgia to Kevin’s bar for their date to mess with Jackie.


2.9     P. O. Box Airdate:  05/17/10

Jackie wishes she could send Fiona to Catholic school, and Kevin refuses to talk to Jackie about it.  Jackie finds Grace isn’t talking about her sessions and wonders how she can help her if she won’t talk.  Jackie finds that she owes over $500 for medication and lies to O’Hara about Kevin accepting him.  A couple comes in after a domestic dispute and Jackie tells Cooper that she thinks it alright for a guy to fight back if pushed.  Gloria decides the Pill-o-Matic isn’t working, and Jackie tells her that she should not consider Eddie.  Cooper tells Eddie about the open job, and Eddie learns Jackie against him.  Sam reveals he’s sobriety anniversary is up and gets permission from Jackie to leave.  Jackie gets her money from O’Hara.  A student learns he’s going to be unable to go to class, and Zooey has him send a picture to friends about his accident.  The couple tries to leave the hospital, and the man’s wife shows up.  The man begins to vomit blood, and a fight breaks out between Lenny and Cooper when Cooper gropes Zooey.  Lenny breaks Cooper’s nose and Georgia and Eddie learn about the accident.  Sam is put on probation by Gloria for skipping out on work.  Eddie tells Jackie that he’s going for the pharmacist job and that she cannot stop him.  Zooey spends time with Lenny for defending her.  Jackie and Kevin discover Grace is losing her hair, and Jackie decides there can’t be anymore secrets.


2.10     Sleeping Dogs Airdate:  05/24/10

Jackie shows O’Hara x-rays of her spine and tries to get O’Hara to give her oxycodone.  Eddie applies for the pharmacist’s job and is hired by Gloria.  Cooper learns that his advertising campaign is over and tries to get Gloria to keep the campaign going.  A linebacker named Marco Prince (Jimmy Gary Jr.) comes in without knowing what made him forget what happened to him.  Marco’s wife tells Jackie that Marco is suffering from early dementia from his football days and that he can’t afford much medical coverage.  Zooey has lunch with Jackie and asks Jackie if she should have a relationship with Lenny.  Cooper eats lunch with Sam and Sam asks Cooper if he wants to hang out with him and his friends to see what his life is like.  A single mother comes in and O’Hara admits to her that she always wanted to be a mother.  Gloria clears Marco’s bill and tells his wife that if she divorces him that he can get better medical coverage.  Jackie increases O’Hara’s pill count but finds that the pharmacy is closed.  O’Hara demands to know why the medical is doing nothing about Jackie’s back.  Jackie finds a man (Bill Sage) having a seizure and steals the drugs she finds on him.  O’Hara learns that Jackie lied to her about the back x-rays.


2.11     What the Day Brings 05/31/10

O’Hara tries to talk to Jackie about her lies and Jackie finds that the man she stole the medication from has come to the hospital.  Cooper sleeps with Sam’s girlfriend and she tells Cooper that she wants to dump him.  Jackie calls Kevin and tells Kevin that they need to go on their road trip now.  Jackie hides her pills in a floss container but drops the container in the car.  The man asks for Jackie’s location and tells Gloria that he wants to give a donation to the hospital.  Jackie finds her pills are missing and tries to find her pills.  Zooey thinks Cooper has misdiagnosed a patient and calls in O’Hara for a second opinion.  Cooper tells Eddie that he slept with Sam’s girlfriend, and Sam tells Eddie that he’s worried that his girlfriend is cheating on him.  Jackie and Kevin are forced to check into a bed-and-breakfast and wonder what the story is behind the owner.  O’Hara finds a blood clot in Zooey’s patient and saves his life.  Fiona calls O’Hara and learns that she is supposed to be going to a new school.  Kevin learns that Jackie went against his orders and took money from O’Hara.


2.12     Years of Service Airdate:  06/07/10

Kevin refuses to get back in the car with Jackie and Jackie drives home without him.  Eddie gives Kevin a ride home and Jackie admits that she took the money because she isn’t there to help her family.  Kevin learns Jackie left her keys in the door and finds a strange key on her keychain.  Sam learns Cooper slept with his girlfriend and breaks his nose again.  Kevin searches through Jackie’s things and learns that she had a P. O. Box.  Zooey sleeps with Lenny and is caught is by Eddie.  O’Hara tells Jackie that she knows she faked her x-rays and Jackie admits that she doesn’t treat her pain because she’s worried there is nothing wrong with her.  Jackie and O’Hara catch Zooey and Lenny together in the chapel.  Gloria refuses to fire Sam and finds God smoking in the ceiling of the hospital.  Kevin finds Jackie’s P. O. Box and learns that Jackie is buying pills.  Martin comes looking for Jackie and God warns Gloria that he doesn’t trust Martin.  Jackie finds Sam drunk and tries to keep Sam awake with Thor’s help.  Kevin meets with O’Hara and exposes Jackie’s drug problems and lies.  Jackie tells Eddie that everything is crashing down around her and that she has to save her marriage.  Martin threatens Jackie and is taken down by Thor.  Jackie returns home from work and finds Kevin has set up an intervention with O’Hara.  Jackie locks herself in the bathroom and refuses to admit that she has a problem.

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