Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983)

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Movie Name: Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Studio: Walt Disney Productions

Genre(s): Animated/Family/Seasonal

Release Date(s): December 16,1983

MPAA Rating: G


Mo money, mo problems

Scrooge hates Christmas. He’s cruel to his employee Bob Cratchit and ignores his nephew. This Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley, and Marley is offering Scrooge a chance at redemption. This start an odyssey for Scrooge through his past, present, and future that could change his life forever.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol was a no-brainer. Scrooge McDuck was named after Scrooge so it was an easy fit. The movie mostly adapted a 1974 Disney record version of Dickens’ story and was paired in theaters with The Rescuers when it was released in 1983.


Sorry, I’m not feeling threatened by a dog or whatever you are

The movie follows the basic story of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” but insert Disney characters for all the roles. Scrooge McDuck stepping in as Scrooge, Mickey and Minnie Mouse as Mr. & Mrs. Cratchet, Donald Duck as Scrooge’s nephew Fred, Goofy portrays Marley, Jiminy Cricket is the diminutive Ghost of Christmas Past, Willy the Giant is the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Pete as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. This is generally good casting and it brought back a lot of older characters (like from The Wind in the Willows and older characters) that hadn’t been seen in a while. I normally find Mickey Mouse kind of obnoxious and boring, but he is a good fit for Cratchit. It was a bit odd to see Scrooge romancing Daisy Duck (as Isabelle)…Hey, she’s Donald’s.


Suck it Cratchit! This is a duck-type Christmas!

The movie’s animation is good and it reminds you that Disney’s non-straight-to-video approach put out nice artwork that really was a step above a lot of art. It does a great job creating the setting and scenery for a strong adaptation of the story.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol is a welcomed edition to the Christmas Carol collection that seems to continue to grow. It is a good way to introduce children to the story, especially if parents are worried about some of the slightly scary content of other adaptations. This being said, Mickey’s Christmas Carol can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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