Michael Jackson’s This Is It (2009)

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Movie Name: Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Studio: AEG Live

Genre(s): Documentary/Musical

Release Date(s): October 28, 2009

MPAA Rating: PG


On the floor for one final time

Michael Jackson is staging a comeback.  The stage is set for a huge concert that hasn’t been seen before.  New videos are being shot and Michael is guiding a new group of dancers and performers to make the show something he’s never done…but the death of Michael Jackson ends all that.  See a preview of the concert that never was and know that This Is It.

Collecting footage (allegedly private footage of Michael Jackson) and put together by Kenny Ortega, This Is It was scheduled for a limited run of two weeks.  With amazing ticket sales, This Is It’s run was extended and made huge profits.


From auditions, to rehearsals, to official preparations…it’s here!

This Is It was put out pretty quickly after the death of Michael Jackson.  That usually isn’t a good sign.  In this case, it was a pretty interesting movie.  The music is good and concert looks like it would have been amazing.  Everything from the sets, to the props, to the videos being played on the massive screen behind the performance were top notch.  Since Jackson died before the concert was staged, the documentary skirts around it by using some computer animations of what was planned for songs.

The movie gives an interesting portrayal of Michael Jackson in that it makes him look halfway normal…something that hasn’t been seen by the public in ages.  You can see how driven and devoted to perfection he is.  Plus, he’s still got moves, and the guy was 50 years old.  If the This Is It concerts had gone on, I can’t imagine how he could maintain that energy for so many hours and a number of nights especially if the reports of his health were true.


The Man in the Mirror

There was of course controversy surrounding this movie.  A lot of the Jackson family asked for it to be boycotted and some fans demanded the same.  Joe Jackson stated that body doubles were used by the movie producers as stand-ins for Michael, but watching the movie, it doesn’t seem that way.  Yes, the movie was for profit (they had to get some of the money back from the failed concert), but I feel that it should be liked by family and fans since it portrays him as a person rather than the “Michael Jackson” character that has been floating around for years.

This Is It is an interesting documentary.  It is like a big wind up for a concert, but the concert doesn’t happen.  The movie is pieced together from all the practices and some of the songs never fully play out.  You end up feeling a bit sorry for a lot of the people in the group because this was their big break and dream and it will never happen.  In the world of concert films, this actually ends up being pretty good.  If the concert had gone on as planned, not so much, but This Is It is what the title and the tour ended up being about.

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