Massacre at Central High (1976)

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Fun high school revenge story

Cheap FX, so-so acting

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Movie Name: Massacre at Central High

Studio: Brian Distributing Corporation

Genre(s): Horror/B-Movie

Release Date(s): September 17, 1976

MPAA Rating:  R


Oh damn! This school is going down!

David (Derrel Maury) moves to Central High and finds that his only friend Mark (Andrew Stevens) is running with a crowd of bullies that run the school.  When David fights back against the bullies, an accident at their hands cripples him.  Now David is out for revenge and killing those responsible.  The problem is once the killings start, new bullies arise.  Now the victims are the bullies and Central High might need to be purged of all the students…and only David can do that.

Sometimes called Blackboard Massacre, Massacre at Central High is total grindhouse material.  Ultra low budget, and the big effects are explosions.  Directed by Rene Daalder, the movie has a lot of no names, but does have Robert Carradine (as Spoony) who went on to Revenge of the Nerds as Lewis, Lani O’Grady (as Jane) from Eight is Enough, Kimberly Beck (as Theresa) of Friday the 13th 4:  The Final Chapter, and Andrew Stevens (as Mark) who went on to become a successful producer.



I’m a nerd…I’m proud of it!

This b-movie is cheesy as hell, but kind of fun because of some of the crazy deaths.  It became a staple of late night TV building a cult following.  The kids seem to live in a lawless world (no adults show up in the movie until the end).  The movie says that Central High is a small school, but there doesn’t seem to be much of an investigation despite the fact that the students are dropping like flies.  It is also a school with an Olympic pool and a student lounge that looks like a living room, but cheap fold up tables for its outdoor cafeteria.

The movie highly influenced the great ’80s movie Heathers.  Virtually having the same plot, Heathers also involves a crazy student offing the popular kids, but more evil kids take their place.  The ending of Heathers and the ending of Massacre at Central High are almost identical.


Call the janitor…tell him to bring the orange sawdust stuff…he’s got another dead kid to clean up

Massacre at Central High is kind of debatable but worth seeking out.  It doesn’t have any great acting, but its plot is kind of clever.  It has a lot of memorable scenes and has just what you expect from a movie of that caliber at the time (nudity, violence, and explosions).  Seek out Massacre at Central High…it is online a lot of places and is fun in a cheesy ’70s sort of way…it’s kind of like an After School Special…just rated R.

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