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invincible volume 20 friends cover review
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Invincible is ramping up again


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Comic Name:  Invincible

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Ryan Ottley

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2014

invincible #110 cover review

Invincible #110

Reprints Invincible #109-114 (March 2014-September 2014).  Mark has been stranded in another dimension by Robot and must find his way back to his Earth.  Mark learns that getting back to Earth might be easier than actually stopping Robot and his plans to world conquest.  With Robot on a murderous tear, Mark finds Eve is in danger…and the birth of their child could be in jeopardy if Robot’s plans come to fruition!

Written by Robert Kirkman, Invincible Volume 20:  Friends is an Image superhero comic book collection.  Following Invincible Volume 19:  The War at Home, the series features art by Ryan Ottley and issues in this volume were also collected as part of Invincible Ultimate Collection—Volume 10 and the Invincible Compendium—Volume 3.

Invincible is really ramping up again.  Like many of Kirkman’s titles, the series kind ebbs and flows at points but then a tidal wave hits.  This volume of the comic is a title wave.  The battle with Robot peaks and there are (of course) some shocking Invincible moments.

Robot is essentially enacting much of what Dinosaurus and Nolan planned to do…but with better planning.  It is like Watchmen or Squadron Supreme on a more deadly scale.  The character begins to eliminate any enemies in the bloody fashion that fans of the series are accustom to and characters die that you don’t expect (Cecil primarily).  The ripping off of Atom Eve’s leg was also particularly bloody and gross but so many worse things have happened to Mark that you kind of get numb to it.

invincible #114 cover robot robert kirkman

Invincible #114

The collection leads up to two big events.  Robot wins, and Mark and Eve’s child is born.  Robot’s overtaking of Earth shifts the whole direction of the comic book and the birth of the child once again shows the passage of time that makes Invincible unique.  The character has gone from a high school student to a husband (ok fiancé maybe) to father.  Unlike something like the Fantastic Four where characters seem to be caught in a time void, Invincible advances…and the comic is unique for that if nothing else.

Invincible 20:  Friends is a solid entry in the series.  It has me wanting to pound out the last few volumes to the inevitable conclusion.  With such a bloody and shocking comic, Kirkman has built a world where no one is safe (like his Walking Dead comic) and that does allow for some original events and happenings.  Comic books have a habit of being rather circular and while Invincible does some circling, it feels like new an exciting things are happening each time. Invincible continues to fly.  Invincible 20:  Friends is followed by Invincible 21:  Modern Family.

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