Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

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More songs, opportunities for new artists

Battles, not much variety in music

Game Info

Game Name: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Developer(s): Neversoft/Vicarious Visions/Aspyr Media

Publisher(s): Activision

Platform(s): PS3, XBox 360, Wii, PC

Genre(s): Music

Release Date(s): October 28, 2007 (PS3, XBox 360, Wii)/November 12, 2007 (PC)

ESRB Rating: T


I’ll swallow your soul!

You’ve formed a band and made a deal with the Devil…Now you’ve got to battle your way through your tour and fight Satan himself to win you and your band’s souls back.

After Guitar Hero II, the guys at Guitar Hero had a lot of pressure on them.  The result was to try to be inventive with the game.  The Guitar “battles” were a result…and a failed result at that.  It was frustrating to reach a battle and try to “fight” a boss when all you want to do is play music.  It also might be the only thing keeping you from advancing.

The Guitar Hero III setlist also isn’t the most wide range of musicians.  It did continue to allow some newer artists a chance to show off their songs (something that has lacked in future editions of both it and Rock Band), but it could have used that space for a bit more variety in the game.

Guitar Hero III:  Legends of Rock Complete Song Setlist:

“3’s & 7’s”—Queens of the Stone Age

“Anarchy in the U.K.”—Sex Pistols

“Avalancha”—Héroes del Silencio (Bonus Track)


“Before I Forget”—Slipknot

“Black Magic Woman”—Santana

“Black Sunshine”—White Zombie

“Bulls on Parade”—Rage Against the Machine

“Can’t Be Saved”—Senses Fail (Bonus Track)

“Cherub Rock”—The Smashing Pumpkins

“Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll”—Blue Öyster Cult

“Cliffs of Dover”—Eric Johnson

“Closer”—Lacuna Coil (Bonus Track)

“Cult of Personality”—Living Colour

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia”—Steve Ouimette (cover of The Charlie Daniels Band)

“Don’t Hold Back”—The Sleeping (Bonus Track)

“Down ’n Dirty”—L.A. Slum Lords (Bonus Track)

“Even Flow”—Pearl Jam

“Guitar Battle vs. Slash”—Slash

“Guitar Battle vs. Tom Morello”—Tom Morello

“Helicopter”—Bloc Party

“Hit Me with Your Best Shot”—Pat Benatar

“Holiday in Cambodia”—Dead Kennedys

“Knights of Cydonia”—Muse

“Kool Thing”—Sonic Youth

“La Grange”—ZZ Top

“Lay Down”—Priestess

“The Metal”—Tenacious D

“Miss Murder”—AFI

“Mississippi Queen”—Mountain

“Monsters”—Matchbook Romance

“My Name Is Jonas”—Weezer

“The Number of the Beast”—Iron Maiden


“Paint It Black”—The Rolling Stones

“Paranoid”—Black Sabbath

“Pride and Joy”—Stevie Ray Vaughan

“Raining Blood”—Slayer

“Reptilia”—The Strokes

“Rock and Roll All Nite”—Kiss

“Rock You Like a Hurricane”—Scorpions

“Sabotage”—Beastie Boys

“Same Old Song and Dance”—Aerosmith

“School’s Out”—Alice Cooper

“The Seeker”—The Who

“Slow Ride”—Foghat

“Story of My Life”—Social Distortion


“Suck My Kiss”—Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Sunshine of Your Love”—Cream

“Talk Dirty to Me”—Poison

“Welcome to the Jungle”—Guns N’Roses

“When You Were Young”—The Killers


Push them buttons ’til your fingers bleed!

In addition to a less varied setlist, Guitar Hero III is just plain hard.  It is one of the more difficult music games out there and a challenge from get-go.  It feels much less inspiring that Guitar Hero II and maybe it was because players were already feeling a bit jaded to the format…Guitar Hero’s next challenge would be Rock Band which would come out the next month and change things for the company.  Guitar Hero III was followed by Guitar Hero:  World Tour.

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