Earth 2 2: The Tower of Fate

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7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
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Different and more dangerous DC Universe

Fun story is sometimes a bit clunky

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Earth 2

Publisher:  DC Comics

Writer:  James Robinson

Artist:  Nicola Scott/Yildiray Cinar/Tomás Giorello/Trevor Scott/Tom Derenick/Ryann Winn/Ruy José

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:  2013


Earth 2 #0

Reprints Earth 2 #0 and #7-12 (November 2012-July 2013).  A new group of Wonders have arrived to replace the fallen Wonders of Earth 2.  With the defeat of Solomon Grundy, the new Wonders must decide if they will remain together as a team or try to return to their lives…unfortunately, evil is brewing on Earth 2 and the agents of Apokolips are still active.  As Steppenwolf makes a power grab in Dherain, a young man named Khalid finds himself, Flash, and Flash’s mother drawn to the Tower of Fate by a wizard named Wotan for a battle which could define Khalid’s destiny.

Written by James Robinson with art by Nicola Scott, Yildiray Cinar, Tomás Giorello, Trevor Scott, Tom Derenick, Ryann Winn, and Ruy José, Earth 2 Volume 2:  The Tower of Fate is the second entry in the New 52 series.  Following Earth 2 Volume 1:  The Gathering, this volume collects Earth 2 #0 (November 2012) flashback issue and the stand-alone issues leading up to the four part Tower of Fate storyline.

Earth 2 is a great series that feels both like a DC series, but also totally alien at the same time.  The comic has the same characters you love, but slightly different and with this difference comes an unexpected nature that makes Earth 2 an unpredictable comic book.

Earth 2 is surprisingly violent.  It really feels like an Image comic at points because it isn’t afraid to pull any punches.  The book really feels like it has bearings in books more like Watchmen than Justice League of America.  In a world of repetitive fights, Earth 2 feels more refreshing and fun because it still has familiarity on its side.


Earth 2 #11

Despite my love of the comic, I can admit that it is a bit clunky at times.  Robinson’s writing doesn’t always flow and the transitions between issues aren’t always the best.  Fortunately, I love the story so I can forgive this and the art team behind the book is strong enough that you get eye candy as well as a decent story.

I’ve never been the biggest Dr. Fate fan so this volume does have that struggle going for me.  I thought the character was too undefined and magic just seems like a generic catch all to problems.  Can’t solve this issue?  Dr. Fate can do magic, and it is fixed!  The introduction of his character to the story worries me a bit, but hopefully it won’t be too distracting or a bailout for whoever is writing it.

Purists might be a bit upset with this title, but I love Earth 2.  I had been a big fan of the Earth 2 books like Infinity, Inc. and All-Star Squadron, and I feel that this series isn’t really hurting their legacies.  The classic (and original) characters of Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, and the Atom might not be the characters that people grew up loving, but at the moment, it is fine and fun…only time will tell if it will last and the original versions of these heroes will return.  Earth 2 2:  The Tower of Fate is followed by Earth 2 3:  Battle Cry.

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