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Slow start

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Welcome to the despair of Dreamland!

Tiabeanie has a miserable life despite living in the Kingdom of Dreamland and being a princess.  Bean spends her night sneaking out and drinking her problems away while her father King Zog seems more interested in his new wife Queen Oona and son Derek and the quest for the elixir of eternal life.  When Bean is cursed by a demon named Luci while preparing for her arranged wedding, she also finds herself befriended by a runaway elf named Elfo.  Bean’s adventures are about to begin and what she believed was the truth of her life could all be a lie.

Disenchantment—Season 1 was created by Matt Groening and was released on Netflix on August 17, 2018.  The animated series was met with mixed to positive reviews.

The Simpsons was an amazing feat.  It went from edgy comedy to family favorite viewing.  It managed to evolve and change with the time it was released.  While many turned to Disenchantment with hope of a new Simpsons, I kind of knew what I was getting into…and as a result found the series kind of fun.

disenchantment season 1 episode 3 the princess of darkness exorcism luci bean

What’s the matter? Demon got your tongue?

Matt Groening admitted that Game of Thrones was a big influence on the series.  While the first few episodes of Disenchantment are a little directionless, the series begins to develop a story and a plot that builds to the final episode.  The series ends in a cliffhanger and doesn’t even feel like it builds as much as ends in the middle of the story…something that is true of Game of Thrones.

Much of what makes the series a little rocky is that you have to adjust to the characters who resemble Simpsons characters.  I thought the same thing about Futurama which was hard to adjust to, but once you adjusted, it was a good show.  Disenchantment grows as the series grows and shows real potential with continuing storylines and mysteries in the theme of a magic and mysticism.

disenchantment season 1 episode 5 faster princess kill kill elfo oven

Serve up a nice piece of Disenchantment!

The vocal cast for the series is strong.  Abbi Jacobson, Eric Andre, and Nat Faxon play the core cast of Princess Tiabeanie, Luci, and Nat Faxon and Futurama regular Joe DiMaggio plays King Zogg.  Simpsons regular Tress MacNeille plays Queen Oona (among others), and the main cast is supported by a nice supporting cast of other solid voice actors.

Disenchantment is a show to watch simply because I think it will grow.  Don’t go into it expecting a clone of Groening other series, but you must recognize that there will be some similarities.  With the ending in question and multiple storylines started, I look forward to where Disenchantment goes…and who pops up next!

Disenchantment—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

disenchantment season 1 episode 1 a princess an elf and a demon walk into a bar tiabeanie bean elfo luci

“A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk into a Bar”

1.1       A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk into a Bar Release Date:  08/17/18

Princess Tiabeanie finds it is the day of her prearranged marriage to a prince and wishes she could get out of it.  Elfo lives in the happiest place on Earth and dreams of misery.  Bean opens a wedding gift and finds she’s been cursed by a demon named Luci for eternity while Elfo ventures out of his happy land to find new adventures.  When Elfo, Bean, and Luci go on the run, Bean discovers escaping her past in Dreamland might be difficult.

disenchantment season 1 episode 2 for whom the pig oinks luci bean elfo

“For Whom the Pig Oinks”

1.2       For Whom the Pig Oinks Release Date:  08/17/18

Princess Tiabeanie has been recaptured and trying to find a way out of her marriage which could mean shipping her fiancé Prince Merkimer to Mermaid Island for a bachelor party.  Elfo finds himself a prisoner of the King’s alchemist Sorcerio and forced to provide blood for magic.

disenchantment season 1 episode 3 the princess of darkness luci captured

“The Princess of Darkness”

1.3       The Princess of Darkness Release Date:  08/17/18

Princess Bean is living large after the ending of her engagement, and King Zog worries that she’s gone over the edge.  When his men study Bean, they determine she’s plagued by a demon…forcing Luci to go on the defense to protect himself.

disenchantment season 1 episode 4 castle party massacre viking bean

“Castle Party Massacre”

1.4       Castle Party Massacre Release Date:  08/17/18

When King Zog falls ill and leaves to recuperate at a spa, it’s a party at Dreamland!  As Elfo decides to use the opportunity to tell Bean his real feelings for her, everyone’s plans change when a group of Vikings arrive.

disenchantment season 1 episode 4 castle party massacre viking bean

“Castle Party Massacre”

1.5       Faster, Princess!  Kill!  Kill! Release Date:  08/17/18

Bean finds herself kicked out of the castle for her party and decides to get a job.  When Elfo runs away from Dreamland and encounters Hansel and Gretel, Bean and Luci’s search for him might become a rescue mission.

disenchantment season 1 episode 6 swamp and circumstance cast

“Swamp and Circumstance”

1.6       Swamp and Circumstance Release Date:  08/17/18

Bean questions her role in the kingdom and is given an ambassador role to Dankmire (the home of her stepmother Oona and her half-brother Derek).  Vowing not to drink, this change when Luci slips her a mickey before a big diplomatic speech.

disenchantment season 1 episode 7 loves tender rampage tess elfo

“Love’s Tender Rampage”

1.7       Love’s Tender Rampage Release Date:  08/17/18

After a bender, Elfo is forced to make-up a girlfriend to convince Bean that he’s not in love with her…unfortunately, Bean sends knights on a quest to retrieve Elfo’s girlfriend…a giant named Tess.

disenchantment season 1 episode 8 the limits of immortality bean luci alchemist

“The Limits of Immortality”

1.8       The Limits of Immortality Release Date:  08/17/18

Things are awkward between Elfo and Bean after their kiss, but Sorcerio finds new interest in Elfo when he manages uncover the secret of eternal life in Elfo’s blood.  Elfo is kidnapped by nefarious agents bent on finding the secret of eternal life, and Bean must go on a rescue mission!

disenchantment seaosn 1 episode 9 to thine own elf be true queen dagmar

“To Thine Own Elf be True”

1.9       To Thine Own Elf be True Release Date:  08/17/18

The attempts to recreate the elixir of eternal life leads to the shocking revelation that Elfo isn’t really an elf.  Now, Bean, Luci, and Elfo must return to Elfo’s home to find out his true origin…but Bean’s father has other plans.  Plus, Bean could learn what truly happened to her mother!

disenchantment season 1 episode 10 dreamland falls poisoning king zog luci

“Dreamland Falls”

1.10     Dreamland Falls Release Date:  08/17/18

Queen Dagmar has returned to life, and Elfo is dead.  With Dagmar alive, Queen Oona finds her place in the kingdom in question and finds it is time to fight back.  Bean spends time with her mother as King Zog and Luci learn a big secret.

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