Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990)

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Rehash of the first Die Hard

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Movie Name: Die Hard 2:  Die Harder

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Genre(s): Action/Adventure/Seasonal

Release Date(s): July 4, 1990

MPAA Rating: R


Listen Mr. NYPD Blue…You’re way out of your league!

John McLain (Bruce Willis) is at it again.  This time an airport has been taken over by terrorists trying to free a drug czar and John has to stop them before the plane his wife is in runs out of fuel.  Faced with opposition from airport security, John tries to keep ahead of terrorists and save his wife…all as a Christmas Eve snowstorm strikes the airport.

Die Hard was an original and revolutionary action movie.  It was fun, funny, but also packed with action.  It was natural that a sequel would follow.  Directed by Renny Harlin, Die Hard 2 actually surpassed Die Hard’s big box office draw and received moderately positive reviews.



Don’t get me wrong, Die Hard 2 isn’t a bad movie, but it is kind of the same movie with a few twists.  Bruce Willis himself says “How can the same s*!# happen to the same guy twice?”  At least Die Hard 3 & 4 mixed it up a little.  There are terrorists who taking over something, a secret bad guy, and the only one talking any sense is Bruce Willis.  Fortunately, they don’t spend a lot of the movie questioning if he is right, and he and Dennis Franz but heads for a while, but not a lot time is spent with him wrapped up with bureaucratic tape.  The action is still strong and there are of course lots of big explosions (and a fun flight on a ejection seat that really defies reality).


Can’t we just eat turkey like normal people?

There are a lot of dumb things in this movie too.  There was absolutely no reason to bring back William Atherton as the obnoxious reporter (and the chances of him being on the same plane as the wife in a similar situation).  Bruce Willis apparently has free run of the airport after escaping the elevator, and I know security has changed after 9-11, but I think it still had a bit tighter security than what it has in this movie.

Die Hard 2 is still fun…stupid, but fun.  It also has one of the worst television dubbed lines in the history of movies.  For the big finally when Bruce Willis shouts his pattoned “Yippie-ki-yea motherf*@!?$”, the television edit (at least some times) has “Yippie-ki-yea Mr. Falcon!”…Classic.  Die Hard 2:  Die Harder was followed by Die Hard:  With a Vengeance in 1995.

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