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Welcome to Degrassi Junior High!  With simple problems like asking a girl to a dance or cheating on papers, to real issues like teen pregnancy and abuse, the kids of Degrassi will deal with some of the biggest issues facing kids.  Making it through their problems might not be hard if they have help from their friends.

Degrassi Junior High—Season 1 originally aired from January 18, 1987 to April 12, 1987 on the Canadian station CBC Television.  The show was later syndicated on U.S. stations and often played on PBS stations. The show evolved from the series The Kids of Degrassi Street which aired from 1979-1986 and featured some carry over actors.


The Zit Remedy with their hit “Everybody Wants Something!”

I loved Degrassi Junior High as a kid (we even watched episodes in school to teach us “moral” issues).  With kids who were slightly older than me and “real” kids, the show did somehow have a completely different feel from regular TV shows.  Though it was often cheesy, Degrassi Junior High still was fun.

The stories were kind of preachy, but the characters didn’t always end up making the “right” decision.  Most of the stories had a central theme with two stories (a lighter story and a heavier story) and many of the “light” stories involved the Yick and Arthur characters having a funnier story.  The characters were diverse and like something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the series often would develop what seemed to be just supporting characters.


Arthur…the nerd of nerds.

The cast is pretty weak in terms of acting, but they are real kids which was nice at the time (if you were a kid).  For the most part, the show demonstrates that all kids have the same problems no matter where they grow up…but as an American watching the show, the funky accents are kind of amusing because some of them are pretty prominent.

The show looks old and cheap…but it is old and cheap.  With the series continuing to today, it is funny to go back to the beginning and see how the show evolved and changed.  Current seasons of Degrassi still have a cheaper look, but they are cleaner so comparing the “old” Degrassi with the new Degrassi makes the look even harder.


Spike…still the best hair of the ’80s!

Degrassi Junior High is a simple teen soap opera dealing with bigger problems.  Sometimes the tone of the series is all off with a bit too much humor for serious issues, over-acting, and over-the-top melodrama.  The series has a lot of followers who watched it as “tweens” and has managed to survive and evolve (just showing that teen will always have problems.  Despite everything, Degrassi is a fun show to revisit if you grew up in Degrassi so grab your History, Geography, Math, and English books and head to Degrassi again!

Degrassi Junior High—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“Kiss Me, Steph”

1.1       Kiss Me, Steph Airdate:  01/18/87

It is the first day of school and Stephanie Kaye (Nicole Stoffman) finds that change her image to be more adult.  Stephanie’s brother Arthur Kobalewscuy (Duncan Waugh) befriends another new student named Yick Yu (Siluck Saysansasy) and tries to avoid Joey Jeremiah (Pat Mastroianni).  Stephanie runs for class president and her friend Voula Grivogiannis (Niki Kemeny) finds that her new image could get in the way when a kissing campaign starts.


“The Big Dance”

1.2       The Big Dance Airdate:  01/25/87

It’s the dance, and Voula finds she can’t go to it despite being a dance sponsoring a foster child.  Joey wants to ask Stephanie to the dance but Stephanie wants to asks Derek “Wheels” Wheeler (Neil Hope).  When Lucy Fernandez (Anais Granofsky) have Stephanie and the twins Heather and Erica Farrell (Maureen Deiseach and Angela Deiseach) over, the girls get into Lucy’s parents’ alcohol.


“The Experiment”

1.3       The Experiment Airdate: 02/01/87

Arthur and Yick try out for the basketball team, but Arthur isn’t good enough.  Melanie Brodie (Sara Ballingall) tells Kathleen Mead (Rebecca Haines) that she wants to try drugs…and Joey enters the equation.  Yick thinks Raditch (Dan Wood) is picking on him and Arthur decides to test Raditch by turning in one of Stephanie’s paper with Yick’s name.


“The Cover-Up”

1.4       The Cover-Up Airdate:  02/08/87

Rick Munro (Craig Driscoll) finds himself with an abusive father and held back a grade.  Stephanie realizes her new adult image could be a problem when photo day comes.  When Joey’s favorite jean jacket is destroyed before school pictures, Rick might provide Joey with a solution, but Joey is going to learn Rick’secret.


“The Great Race”

1.5       The Great Race Airdate:  02/15/87

Melanie and LD Delacorte (Amanda Cook) realize the girls swim team is looked down upon and challenges the boys soccer team to a swim meet.  Melanie decides she needs a bra to impress Archie “Snake” Simpson (Stefan Brogren).  Yick and Arthur wish they’d hit their growth spurts.


“Rumor Has It”

1.6       Rumor Has It Airdate:  02/22/87

A rumor is going around Degrassi that Ms. Avery (Michelle Goodeve) is a lesbian, and Caitlin Ryan (Stacie Mistysyn) worries what it could mean since she’s her favorite teacher.  Susie Rivera (Sarah Charlesworth) questions if Caitlin could be a lesbian and is worried about being labeled one as well.  Yick loses $20 for shoes and Arthur and Yick set out to find the thief…and Rick is the prime suspect because of his reputation.


“Best Laid Plans”

1.7       Best Laid Plans Airdate:  03/01/87

Steph has a date with Wheels and the school rumor is that they are going all the way.  Yick and Arthur get their hands on Swamp Sex Robots and try to find a place to watch it.  Unfortunately, Stephanie and Arthur’s plans might blow-up in their faces.


“Nothing to Fear”

1.8       Nothing to Fear Airdate:  03/08/87

LD’s father has a heart attack and LD is afraid to go to the hospital to see him.  A snake is loose in Degrassi Junior High and Melanie worries about the snake.


“What a Night”

1.9       What a Night! Airdate:  03/15/87

Lucy has been shoplifting and could get Voula in trouble when she takes her along.  Steph meets her soap opera idol Damon King (Barry Tull) at a book signing…and gets his number.



1.10     Smokescreen Airdate:  03/22/87

Rick tries to get closer to Caitlin and joins her environmental group.  Yick worries about telling his family story at school until he finds a vase…which Arthur promptly breaks.


“It’s Late”

1.11     It’s Late Airdate:  03/29/87

After a party at Lucy’s, Christina “Spike” Nelson (Amanda Stepto) and Shane McKay (Billy Parrott) learn that Spike could be pregnant.  Yick tries to ask out Melanie.


“Parents’ Night”

1.12     Parents’ Night Airdate:  04/05/87

Wheels finds a strange man following him and learns that his real father Mike (Dave James) has returned.  Spike deals with being pregnant and debates putting the baby up for adoption.  Joey tries keep his parents from coming on parents’ night.



1.13     Revolution! Airdate:  04/12/87

Stephanie learns Wheels doesn’t want to go out with her again…and decides to make Joey sports rep.  Joey and Stephanie’s relationship could threaten to break-up Joey, Wheels, and Snake’s band The Zit Remedy.  Stephanie’s decision to pass-up grade seven Yick leads to a revolution and the rally call of “Out of the way, Stephanie Kaye!!!”

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