Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

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Movie Name:  Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Studio:  EMI Films

Genre(s):  Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Drama

Release Date(s):  November 16, 1977

MPAA Rating:  PG


I love how hilly and California-like “Muncie” looks

A remarkable event has touched the lives of two people. Unidentified flying objects in Indiana has started a chain of events for Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) and Jillian Guiler (Melinda Dillon). When sees the UFOs, he becomes obsessed with an image he doesn’t understand and is driving his wife Veronica (Terri Garr) and family away from him. encounter wish the UFOs is more sinister when her son is taken and fueled by the same image, she just wants her son back. Together, discover something they never knew was possible.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind was Stephen Spielberg’s follow-up to Jaws. It was a bit of a pet project and garnered eight Academy Award nominations (Best Supporting Actress—Melinda Dillon, Best Art Direction, Best Director, Best Visual Effects, Best Film Editing, Best Music, Best Sound) and won for Best Cinematography and Frank E. Warner was given a special Academy Award for his sound editing. Multiple versions of the film have been released and a Blu-Ray version has collected the different movies.


Whoa Mama…ship

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is probably my favorite Steven Spielberg film (or at least tying Raiders of the Lost Ark). It just seems to have a real life and feel. There is a real ernest sense of discovery for the characters in the film and the wonder of the story seems more touching than the sentimentality of E.T.  He also demonstrates his ability to get great performances out of kid actors with Cary Guffey as Barry.

What drives the movie is both Dreyfuss and Dillon both have different goals with the same ultimate goal…the truth. Dillon wants her son back and Dreyfuss just wants to understand. When it comes down to the truth, Dillon’s character has seen enough and reached her goal by the end of the film. Dreyfuss still wants to explore and see more of the world and the universe. The strange thing (which at the same time is interesting is that he leaves his family to do it. Spielberg’s films often have a theme of an absent father. Both characters are joined by a third dreamer in Claude Lacombe (Francois Truffaunt). Spielberg managed to get the famed French director for the part in his first American film.


You guys are making me ticklish

The visuals of Close Encounters of the Third Kind also looks great. The mother ship scene alone is phenomenal and it is all shot perfectly. The scene with the aliens really freaked me out when I was young and that tall alien is terrifying still. With Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Spielberg really flexed his sci-fi/fantasy special effects muscles that weren’t present in Jaws, but he does it in a way that shows some care and love for the subject.

I love Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It might not be as flashy or as story driven as Steven Spielberg’s other films, but there is something about it that captures the wonder of being a kid. This early demonstration of Spielberg’s ability to tap into a kid’s mind. The movie manages to be scary and amazing at the same time. Close Encounters is a great film…check it out.

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