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Greek myths on the big screen, Liam Neeson/Ralph Fiennes re-team

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Movie Name: Clash of the Titans

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Genre(s): Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s): April 2, 2010

MPAA Rating: PG-13


So which of you lovey ladies is coming home with Perseus tonight?

Perseus (Sam Worthington) is raised by a fisherman’s family but is told by his father (Pete Postlethwaite) that he was bound for greater deeds. When Perseus’ family is killed by Hades (Ralph Fiennes) while he attacks the men of Argos, Perseus swears vengeance on the gods. Perseus doesn’t know is that he’s a demigod with his real father being Zeus (Liam Neeson), king of all gods. When Argos challenges the gods, Perseus finds he has to discover a way to save Andromeda (Alexa Davalos) from the Kraken while facing Hades and his servant Calibos (Jason Flyming).

Clash of the Titans is the 2010 remake of the Ray Harryhausen 1981 film of the same title. It was released in 3D in the theater at the beginning of the 3D boom and had many complaints about the visuals. The movie had so-so reviews but did make enough money to get a sequel Wrath of Titans which was released in March of 2012.


Medusa, you werre just minding your own business and some guys burst in to your home and cut your head off…not your fault

The movie has some fun moments, but it never quite reaches the level of the original movie. I know that the original movie wasn’t the greatest movie ever, but I did grow up with it so it was always fun to me. This movie really pounds down the action. It really doesn’t have much dead points like the original and it does wildly change the plot.

In the first movie, there was no Hades. The gods and goddesses were really the enemies with Calibos, the witches, Medusa, the scorpions, Cerberus, and the Kraken as enemies. The movie really went to a Guillermo del Toro looking monsters…the Kraken just wasn’t as neat as Harryhausen’s design.  There was no physical battle against the gods as Perseus does in this one…yes the scorpions were improved and Calibos could fight, but he just wasn’t as cool.  Though a better Calibos would have helped, the biggest changes involve Perseus relationship to the gods and his family. Perseus rejects the gods in the new version and tries to fight the battle as a man. He isn’t in love with Andromeda and more interested in his protector Io (Gemma Arterton). This kind of takes away from his quest to save Argos since he really doesn’t have much vested interest in it.


You can roar all you want Kraken…but you are not as cool as the original

The casting of the movie is fine. Worthington is fine…he’s a pretty generic hero in all his big movie (Avatar, Terminator: Salvation). They are trying to make him into the next action star, but he doesn’t have any real spark. The real fun of the cast is the return of Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson as costars. They both were in the critically acclaimed Best Picture Schindler’s List…somehow, I think Clash of the Titans doesn’t compare.

Clash of the Titans isn’t great but isn’t awful. It is a better than average movie but not much better. Both versions of the movie are drawing on such rich material and it is unfortunate that the movie isn’t better since this time, the technology exists to make really cool versions of the Greek myths…If nothing else the trailer was really good.

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