Child’s Play 3 (1991)

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Boring story that lacks fun

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Movie Name:  Child’s Play 3

Studio:  Universal Pictures

Genre(s):  Horror

Release Date(s):  August 30, 1991

MPAA Rating:  R

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Corporate raiders must die!!!

The Play Pal Company has decided to put Good Guys back on the shelf. When a slip in production allows the blood from the original Chucky to mix in the new manufacturing process, Chucky is reborn in a new body. Setting out to find his old enemy Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin), Chucky goes to Kent Military School where Andy is trying to fit in. Chucky learns that with a new body means new opportunity, and Ronald Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers) could be his new host.

Directed by Jack Bender, Child’s Play 3 (sometimes called Child’s Play 3:  Look Who’s Stalking) is a horror slasher movie.  Following Child’s Play 2 in 1990, the film received negative reviews and bombed at the box office. The film also inspired controversy in the United Kingdom where a child’s murder was blamed on children who might have seen the film. The court case of the children was unable to prove any connection, but the allegation did cause more problems for the troubled franchise.

childs play 3 1991 tyler chucky jeremy sylvers

I’m way too old to be this into you, Chucky

I was all about Chucky.  Killer dolls are scary and Child’s Play was a rather creative take on the genre.  Child’s Play 2 was less impressive but still fun.  For the most part, Child’s Play 3 is a rather dull horror movie, and Chucky’s game is getting a little old by this entry.

Child’s Play 3 is just a meandering type of film. It just feels like the writers had a bunch of ideas for deaths and worked really hard to try to tie them together…somewhat unsuccessfully. The film obviously needed a quick death at the beginning so they knocked off the head of the Play Pal Company (which doesn’t even really tie). How Chucky was able to mail himself to Kent Military School is still a question too…then he wanders around the school offing people on occasion (I do have to admit the heart attack death of Colonel Cochrane (Dakin Matthews) does make me laugh). The last part of the film with the paintballs and amusement park just feels really thrown together and rushed…plus, it is possibly the most dangerous funhouse in the history of the world.

childs play 3 chucky face chopped off

Eh…I’ve been better…I’ve been worse

It was a big mistake to age Andy in my opinion and make Tyler the focus of Chucky’s attacks. Tyler is too starry-eyed to be believable (and too old to not question a walking talking doll).  Alex Vincent as the original Andy had moments of greatness where he really felt like a kid and weakness where he was obviously over his head. Justin Whalin isn’t bad as Andy, but his inclusion in the story just doesn’t always work out since Chucky no longer really wants him.

The main appeal of Child’s Play movies are Chucky and the design and presentation of Chucky continues to improve. The first Child’s Play is the best movie, but Chucky just gets better with the sequels. Besides the heart attack death, Child’s Play 3 feels like retread for Chucky, and most of the deaths in the film aren’t interesting enough for a fun character.

I love Child’s Play, but Child’s Play 3 really put the brakes on the series by a poor outing. The movie had potential and it has moments, but it just doesn’t have the fun or scares of Child’s Play or even Child’s Play 2. Child’s Play 3 essentially ended the Child’s Play “proper” franchise. Bride of Chucky was released seven years later but with even more humor and comedy.

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