Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992)

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The Children of the Corn are back

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Movie Name:  Children of the Corn II:  The Final Sacrifice

Studio:  Dimension Films

Genre(s):  Horror/B-Movie

Release Date(s):  May 1992 (Dylan Dog Horror Fest)/January 29, 1993 (US)

MPAA Rating:  R


Just keep driving Dad…trust me

The death in Gatlin are discovered and the media swarms on the area as the surviving children are taken to the neighboring city of Hemingford.  Under the leadership of a boy named Micah (Ryan Bollman), a new group of children are forming as worshippers of He-Who-Walks-Behind-the-Rows.  A teenager named Danny Garret (Paul Scherrer) and his father John Garret (Terence Knox) who works for a tabloid stop for the story, Danny finds himself falling in with the Micah and the children from Gatlin.

Directed by David Price, Children of the Corn II:  The Final Sacrifice is a horror thriller.  The film premiered at the Dylan Dog Horror Fest in Italy in 1992 and received a United States release in 1993.  The movie was panned by critics and wasn’t well received by fans of the original, but it did spawn a number of sequels.


Hey kids…can we play another game now?

The problem with Children of the Corn II:  The Final Sacrifice is that it can’t seem to pick a genre.  It doesn’t decide if it wants to be a real horror film…of which it fails because it isn’t very horrific and bloodly like the original Children of the Corn.  It toys with humor but there isn’t enough humor to be considered a horror comedy.  On this front, the sisters (Mrs. West/Mrs. East) are made up as Wicked Witches from the Wizard of Oz which even included the “what a world, what a world” line and the crushing by a house.  The other sister is hit by a truck into a bingo parlor.  It doesn’t mesh with the feel of the movie that it is giving and it isn’t like an Evil Dead film that has a lot of comedy mixed with horror.

The acting in Children of the Corn II is also sub-par.  The actors really feel like they are reading their lines.  Micah’s attempts to be scary just aren’t like the Malachai or Isaac who seemed like genuinely scary horror kids.  Micah was almost a grungy type kid, playing an Amish type kid, and failing at both.


Arrgh…must have been sometime I ate!

All these problems can be added to a lame story.  There are indications that the problems in Gatlin are a result of tainted corn (which some say also caused the Salem Witch Trials madness), but then there is more He-Who-Walks-Behind-the-Rows.  If they were going to make the movie about the madness, they should have stuck to the madness.  If it was about He-Who-Walks-Behind-the-Rows, they should have just stuck to that.  Added to that, was a half-baked, Native American plotline that involved a professor telling his people’s tale.

Children of the Corn II:  The Final Sacrifice is a pretty bad film.  The movie isn’t scary, it isn’t funny, and it doesn’t even look good.  It is hard to conceive a sequel to the first film, much less the multiple sequels that followed it.  Part of the fun of the other sequels is that they had some big named stars, this film had nothing.  Children of the Corn II:  The Final Sacrifice was followed by Children of the Corn III:  Urban Harvest in 1995 (which was at least bad funny).

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