Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

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7.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10
Controls: 7/10

Creative and different

Repetitive in large doses, some camera issues

Game Info

Game Name:  Captain Toad:  Treasure Tracker

Developer(s):  Nintendo EAD Tokyo

Publisher(s):  Nintendo

Platform(s): Wii U/Switch/3DS

Genre(s):  Strategy/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):  November 13, 2014 (Wii U Japan)/December 5, 2014 (Wii U US)

ESRB Rating:  E

captain toad treasure tracker toadette star screenshots

Yeah! Stars!

Ready for adventure!  Captain Toad and Toadette are out seeking treasures, but a problematic giant bird named Wingo threatens Toad’s treasures, Toad and Toadette must uncover all the gold, stars, and diamonds before Wingo…and Wingo won’t take it lying down!

Captain Toad:  Treasure Tracker (Susume! Kinopio taichou) is a strategy puzzle action-adventure game.  The game serves as a prequel to the Wii U’s Super Mario 3D World released in 2013.  A deluxe edition with a Captain Toad amiibo was also released in addition to the stand-alone game.  The game was well received upon its release and was ported to both the 3DS and Nintendo Switch (which included bonus Super Mario Odyssey and multiplayer levels).

Super Mario 3D World was fun but short.  One of the odder parts of the game was when you dipped into “Adventures of Captain Toad” minigames throughout the levels.  They were fun little puzzle games that weren’t too difficult, but they still made you think a little.  Here Captain Toad goes solo…and for the most part, it is a good thing.

captain toad treasure tracker magma road marathon screenshots gameplay

Lava + Running + Toad = Will Killer

Despite a simple concept, the game is clever and evolves a lot during the course of the game.  It is divided into three chapters with the first chapter devoted to Toad, the second chapter to Toadetta, and the third chapter with the characters switching back and forth (the gameplay remains the same).  There are different levels were Toad runs or levels where you have to manage and control multiple Toads and with things like light and dark, the game tries to switch up the feel of the worlds.  The game has the popular Nintendo “gimmee” bailout if you die too many times though it doesn’t stop you from falling or dying in poison.  The bosses are relatively easy and there are very few completely frustrating levels.

The controls for the game are solid, but did pose a few problems.  The camera is quite slick…when you are puzzle solving.  If you are in a more action based level, it can be a bit frustrating to try to manage the camera while running or throwing radishes.  For the most part, it keeps it together, but there was a level or two where I was getting pretty frustrated by the fifth or sixth attempt.

captain toad treasure tracker final boss wingo gameplay screenshots

Wingo is coming at you!

The graphics are as good as a cartoon Mario based game can get on the Wii U.  There is a lot of detail and style, but due to the game’s format, it feels more like a download game and therefore it isn’t the most complex graphics.  Like most Mario games, the sound is primarily simple and Toad just utters squeaks and squeals or short phrases (which can get a bit annoying).

Captain Toad:  Treasure Tracker was another solid, fun game for the short-lived Wii U and a worthy purchase for Switch or 3DS owners.  While the game is good overall, it is best played in small doses since it can become repetitive.  It is original, and you can’t go into Captain Toad expecting another Mario game or you might be disappointed.  Toad was always my favorite character to play with in games like Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Kart…it is nice to see a Toad go solo.

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