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Sometimes unbalanced

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Where’s Barney Miller?

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been running smoothly, but Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) intends to get it running better.  The biggest roadblock could be Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) who does things his own way.  Peralta’s rival is Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) who wants to be captain.  Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) has a fear of not being there for his family.  Charles Boyles (Joe Lo Truglio) is a screw up, and Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) hates everyone.  Gian Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) keeps the office running semi smoothly though she could not care less if it did…and Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) pretty much do nothing.  Separately, they may be a mess, but together they are a crime-solving machine!

brooklyn nine nine seaosn 1 episode 1 pilot camera bear peralta andy samberg

You must love me for the show to work…Love me, damn it!!!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine—Season 1 aired from September 17, 2013 to March 25, 2014 on Fox.  The season received a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Comedy Series or a Variety Program with a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Braugher).  It also won Golden Globes for Best Television Series and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series—Comedy or Musical (Samberg).

Andy Samberg is one of those rather divisive comedians (like comedians often are).  Some people love him and some people hate him.  I’m a little indifferent to him since I didn’t watch much of Saturday Night Live when he was a player, but I like smart comedies and I like different takes on office comedies…Brooklyn Nine-Nine is both.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 8 old school boyle hurt locker joe lo truglio

Boyle’s on point!

I can’t say that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the most inventive series, but it is smart.  Generally law comedies are kind of like Barney Miller or Night Court with weird and goofy arrests being made while a storyline about relationships amongst the police develop.  This is pretty much how Brooklyn Nine-Nine goes with the amount of “case” storyline varying from episode to episode.  It isn’t inane as something like Reno 911!, but it feels more like what both Night Court and Barney Miller would have evolved to in a modern day setting.

Samberg is the core of Brooklyn Nine-Nine so if you do have problems with his style of comedy, you probably won’t like the show.  Fortunately, he doesn’t carry the whole show and much of the comedy comes from his supporting cast who is equally strong (but they don’t always get solo episode stories).  The interesting thing about the show’s format is that Samberg generally is a good cop…many shows like this have the bumbling cop be a bad cop, but there are plenty of bumbling coworkers to take that role.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 17 full boyle floorgasm dance team gina chelsea peretti

Make way for Floorgasm!!!

The show is shot in a slick style that looks good.  It is odd combination between a very natural shooting style of something like The Office combined with the standard comedy shooting.  The shots are framed and planned tightly, but there also seems to be a leeway in the show that feels like there is a lot of improvisation despite being scripted.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fun show, but it is a show that benefits from repeat watching or binging since it allows you to see the actors develop their characters and fit their characters into the story while giving them an independent “real” feel that allows the show to be funny.  With the cops of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the case, it will probably be solved…but you might just have to wait a few weeks.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 1 pilot andy samberg melissa fumero andre braugher first episode


1.1       Pilot Airdate:  09/17/13

The 99th Precinct has a new Commanding Officer in Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) and he’s out to change how the precinct runs.  Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) and Jacob Peralta (Andy Samberg) compete to get the most cases solved and bet a car or a date.  Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) continues to try to ask out Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz).

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 2 the tagger andy samberg

“The Tagger”

1.2       The Tagger Airdate:  09/24/13

Peralta finds Holt is coming with him to stop a tagger but run into a problem when they learn who it is.  Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) brings in a psychic to help the squad and Charles worries that it could mean doom for his future with Rosa.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 3 the slump holt peralta andre braugher andy samberg

“The Slump”

1.3       The Slump Airdate:  10/01/13

Peralta is in a slump.  Amy is selected by Holt to lead the Junior Police Program but Santiago and Diaz find that Linetti could be the best fix.  Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) tries to put his children’s fairy princess castle together.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 4 m e time mary elizabeth ellis peralta andy samberg

“M.E. Time”

1.4       M.E. Time Airdate:  10/08/13

Boyle is given the lead on a case by Peralta but Peralta can’t deal with it.  The medical examiner (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) and Peralta hook-up which has a surprising result.  Santiago tries to find out what’s wrong with Holt.  Terry is recruited as a sketch artist.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 5 the vulture peralta andy samberg dean winters

“The Vulture”

1.5       The Vulture Airdate:  10/15/13

Major Crimes steps in on one of Peralta’s case, and Peralta finds “The Vulture” (Dean Winters) has been assigned.  Gina and Holt go the shooting range with Terry to get him over his fear of shooting.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 6 halloween boyle santiago costumes joe lo truglio melissa fumero


1.6       Halloween Airdate:  10/22/13

Santiago and Boyle go undercover in costume at a warehouse party.  Peralta bets Holt that he can steal his medal from his office without being caught.  Terry learns the secret of Diaz’s past.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 7 48 hours boyle diaz joe lo truglio stephanie beatriz

“48 Hours”

1.7       48 Hours Airdate:  11/05/13

Peralta jumps the gun on an arrest and forces the department to work overtime to get the evidence needed before the 48 hours expires.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 8 old school jimmy brogen stacy keach bathhouse peralta andy samberg

“Old School”

1.8       Old School Airdate:  11/12/13

Crime writer Jimmy Brogan (Stacy Keach) has come to the Nine-Nine to write a new book, and Peralta wants to impress him.  Boyle and Jeffords try to coach Diaz on how to be a better witness.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 9 sals pizza boyle food critic joe lo truglio

“Sal’s Pizza”

1.9       Sal’s Pizza Airdate:  11/19/13

Peralta learns his favorite pizza place burned down, but Peralta must get past Fire Marshall Boone (Patton Oswalt) to investigate it.  The Nine-Nine’s computer system is hacked and everyone’s searches are revealed.  Santiago learns Diaz turns down a captain’s position in New Jersey, and Jeffords and Gina are asked to find a new I.T. person.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 10 thanksgiving cast


1.10     Thanksgiving Airdate:  11/26/13

It’s Thanksgiving and Peralta tries to avoid going to Santiago’s party.  Santiago gets excited that she gets to entertain Holt.  Jeffords finds he can’t keep up with his caloric needs.  When $10,000 disappears from the evidence lock-up, Holt and Peralta are forced to find the money.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 11 christmas boye shot in butt cast


1.11     Christmas Airdate:  12/03/13

Holt finds he’s getting death threats, and Peralta vows to protect him.  Santiago tries to find a way to give gifts to Holt despite orders not to.  Jeffords prepares to undergo his mandated psych-evaluation to get back on the street.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 12 pontiac bandit craig robinson

“Pontiac Bandit”

1.12     Pontiac Bandit Airdate:  01/07/14

Doug Judy (Craig Robinson) comes into the station and reveals to Peralta that he can give the identity of the Pontiac Bandit.  Teaming with Diaz and Judy, Peralta thinks he can finally catch the man he’s been after for years.  Boyle returns to the office after his shooting and begins to drive everyone crazy.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 13 the bet peralta santiago date andy samberg melissa fumero

“The Bet”

1.13     The Bet Airdate:  01/14/14

Peralta and Santiago’s bet finally comes up…forcing the loser to pay up.  Boyle is honored for the shooting but also finds his pain meds are causing him to speak the truth.  Jeffords’ wife learns that he is back in the field.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 14 the ebony falcon terry crews boxing

“The Ebony Falcon”

1.14     The Ebony Falcon Airdate:  01/2/14

Peralta and Boyle work on a steroid bust at a gym, and Peralta worries about bringing in Jeffords due to his family.  Gina is robbed, and Diaz and Santiago are ordered to find the robber.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 15 operation broken feather santiago captain hat melissa fumero

“Operation: Broken Feather”

1.15     Operation:  Broken Feather Airdate:  02/02/14

Santiago reveals that she might leave the Nine-Nine for the Vulture’s team as they hunt a thief.  Jeffords and Holt try to micromanage the office to make it more efficient.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 16 the party holt cast

“The Party”

1.16     The Party Airdate:  02/04/14

Holt’s husband Kevin (Marc Evan Jackson) is throwing a party and the Nine-Nine is invited, but Jeffords has some rules on how they should behave.  Boyle meets Vivian Ludley (Marilu Henner) who could be his perfect match.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 17 full boyle vivian marilu henner jo lo truglio

“Full Boyle”

1.17     Full Boyle Airdate:  02/11/14

Boyle’s relationship with Vivian is heating up and Peralta worries that Boyle is pushing too hard.  Holt finds his leadership of the African American Gay and Lesbian New York City Policeman’s  Association (AAGLNYCPA) is being challenged.  Santiago and Diaz are taken off a case when they refuse to listen to a local superhero (Nate Torrence).

brooklyn nine nine the apartment gina perolta chelsea peretti andy samberg

“The Apartment”

1.18     The Apartment Airdate:  02/25/14

Jeffords and Holt are doing evaluations at the station. Peralta learns that he’s losing his apartment, and he has to turn to Gina for help.  Diaz and Boyle set out to get revenge against Diaz’s weekend deskmate Detective Lohank (Matt Walsh).

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 19 tactical village peralta santiago andy samberg melissa fumero

“Tactical Village”

1.19     Tactical Village Airdate:  03/04/14

It is the precinct’s turn at the training simulation, and Peralta hopes to score the best kill. Santiago is reunited with a friend named Teddy Wells (Kyle Bornheimer).  Diaz learns Boyle hasn’t invited her to his wedding.  Gina gets Holt addicted to the game Kwazy Cupcakes.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 20 fancy brudgon group diet cast

“Fancy Brudgom”

1.20     Fancy Brudgom Airdate:  03/11/14

Boyle has picked Peralta to be his best man, but Boyle has a surprise about his marriage to Vivian. Santiago, Jeffords, and Gina go on a diet together.  Diaz is ordered to apologize to an officer for insulting him.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 21 unsolvable santiago holt dentist andre braugher melissa fumero


1.21     Unsolvable Airdate:  03/18/14

Santiago has to lie to Holt to go on a weekend with Teddy. To get his mind off of Santiago and Teddy’s relationship, Peralta works to Jeffords to solve an open murder.  Gina and Diaz show Boyle their secret hiding place.

brooklyn nine nine season 1 episode 22 charges and specs peralta santiago andy samberg melissa fumero

“Charges and Specs”

1.22     Charges and Specs Airdate:  03/25/14

Peralta investigates a city leader Lucas Wint (Ian Roberts) against the orders of Commissioner Podolski (James M. Connor)…which could change his life forever. Boyle breaks up with Vivian and tries to tap into his darker side.

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