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Game Name:  Braid

Developer(s):  Number None, Inc.; Hothead Games

Publisher(s):  Microsoft Game Studio; Number None, Inc.

Platform(s):  XBox 360/PS3/PC

Genre(s):  Strategy/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s): August 6, 2008 (XBox)/April 10, 2009 (PC)/November 12, 2009 (PS3)

ESRB Rating:  E10


I’m trapped in a painting…and meatballs are attacking me!

A princess has been taken…now Tim must find and save her.  He has time on his side as he works his way through the puzzling worlds of Braid.  Speed up time, slow down time…save the princess.

Braid was released for the Xbox Live in 2009 and became an instant classic and was later released on other systems.  What is interesting about Braid is that it just seems “off”.  It almost feels like a standard Mario-type gameplay, but once the time factor is added in, it becomes something more.  Some of the puzzles are maddening and the different time tools at your disposal makes each level of the game very different.


Oh no Donkey Kong! Wait, this feels oddly familiar…

Each level has kind of a sing-songy feel and knowing that you truly can’t die (but will die over & over again) both limits and can increase frustration.  The first level you’ll encounter “Time & Forgiveness” is pretty straight forward with fast-forwarding and rewinding time to reach the exit and collect all the puzzle pieces.  “Time & Mystery” introduces objects that cannot be manipulated by time which have a green glow about them.  “Time & Place” really twists the game.  As your character moves to the right, time moves forward.  To the left, time will rewind.  “Time & Decision”, Tim’s shadow follows Tim’s actions and can be used to manipulate the environment.  “Hesitance” involves a magic ball that affects the flow of time around it.  Time slows as you near the ball and speed up as you get farther away.  The final world (called “1”) has time flowing in reverse.  It sounds complicated when you hear it, but it for the most part makes sense as you play it.


Crap…Somehow I see myself at the bottom of this hole…please don’t make me jump

Throughout the game, the goal is to find puzzle pieces that unlock the picture at the end of each level to tell you more of the story (which itself seems pretty veiled…but a bit of a twist ending).  The game is very arts and completely original while using standard jumping and moving controls.  The landscapes are lush and the music fits the game (which is fortunate because rewinding and replaying mean the sound effects are sped up & slowed down).

Braid is the type of game you should check out if you have the opportunity.  It is hard to explain unless you’ve played it and being that it is a download, you might pass it over.  It is a thinking game and doesn’t take forever to play through, nor is there much ability for replay, but it still is a completely entertaining journey.  The game also involves a twist ending that you will never forget…so check it out!

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