Bambi (1942)

8.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Acting: 9/10
Visuals: 9/10

Classic Disney

Too short and underdeveloped

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Movie Name: Bambi

Studio: Walt Disney Productions

Genre(s): Animated/Family

Release Date(s): August 13, 1942

MPAA Rating: G


Yo cat-thing…You don’t smell like a flower…Oh, I get it…Irony.

A prince has been born in the forest and his name is Bambi.  The world is a dangerous place and with the guidance of his mother, Bambi finds himself learning the ways of the forest.  With friends like Thumper, Flower, and a fawn named Faline, Bambi’s life is good.  As winter falls, Bambi finds himself alone after his mother is killed by man.  Now Bambi must fight to survive, and man could be a threat to the entire forest.

Directed by David Hand, Bambi was the fifth movie in the Walt Disney Animated Classic series (preceded by Dumbo and followed by Saludos Amigos).  The movie was based on Felix Salten’s Bambi, A Life in the Woods from 1923.  The movie was released during World War II and frequently released afterwards until the arrival of VHS.  It is currently available in Disney’s Diamond Edition Blu-Ray.  Bambi didn’t do well when it was released and many critics (in 1942) felt it was an attack against hunters and didn’t like Disney’s move from magic and fantasy.


Bambi…I’m about 10 seconds from being summer sausage

Bambi now is a classic.  I enjoy Bambi, but I feel the story is a little lacking.  The movie moves quite rapidly.  Bambi’s born, Bambi goes to the field, Bambi plays on ice, Bambi’s orphaned, Bambi’s an adult, then Bambi and his father escape the fire.  There isn’t much character development and by the time it gets going, it is over.  I do like how the movie got around the idea of the animals mating with the “twitterpated” scene.  It seems like the movie was missing a few scenes that could have helped the story, but it is also aimed at children and Disney had to tell the story as fast as possible to keep their interest.

The art in Bambi is top notch.  It is classic and has a very epic feel.  I still challenge the modern computer animated movies hold nothing to the old school Disney films.  The art is smooth and clean and the details on the backgrounds are great.


Oh baby…Let’s get twitterpated…oh yeah.

Bambi can’t be discussed without talking about the tragic death of Bambi’s mother.  Many consider the off screen death by hunters as one of the saddest moments in film.  When compared to other Disney films, I don’t know that it measure up to Simba and his father or having to shoot Old Yeller, but it is a very, very sad scene.  I actually feared the ending of the movie more in which the forest burns while the few survivors struggle to reach an island sanctuary.

Bambi is a classic that must be seen.  It is short so it isn’t that much of a commitment, but it will be remembered.  It was followed by the straight-to-DVD movie Bambi II in 2006.  I actually prefer the semi classic “Bambi Meets Godzilla” from 1969 which is all over youtube (and was available on the video version of Godzilla 1985).

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