Attack of the Beast Creatures (1985)

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Movie Name:  Attack of the Beast Creatures

Studio:  Obelisk Motion Pictures

Genre(s):  Horror/B-Movie

Release Date(s):  1985

MPAA Rating:  Not Rated


Ye come to our island, and us wee puppets will kill ye

A ship crashes and a lone lifeboat drifts to an uninhabited island.  As the survivors try to survive they find the island is strange and dangerous.  The island is peppers with pools of acid instead of water, and deadly creatures bent on killing the survivors.  Now, the survivors hope to just survive the night and make it back to the beach in the hopes of rescue.

Directed by Michael Stanley, Attack of the Beast Creatures (sometimes called Hell Island) is a 1985 horror B-Movie.  The film had a small release and has fallen into obscurity with other horror films of the ’80s.


When I exfoliate, I like the warm glow I get from acid lakes of Hell Island!

I happened onto Attack of the Beast Creatures on YouTube…and was surprised I hadn’t heard of the film.  It is one of those films that is even hard to find background on.  A quick look at some stills for the film, and I had to see it or at least the deadly Beast Creatures.  I do recommend at least do this.

Attack of the Beast Creatures is possibly one of the dullest B-Movies about small deadly creatures I have seen.  The first part of the movie is far too dark to see anything and the second part of the film involves a half day walk into the woods and a much, much longer walk back.  It looks horrible and the editing and plot really have nowhere to go…with a very anticlimactic ending.


These things are worse than leeches…

The movie looks like it did borrow from The Trilogy of Terror in the style of the killer beast creatures.  The little savages are sharped tooth and simply overwhelm the people by biting them in packs.  They look like dog toys from Petsmart with hair glued on to them…and aren’t threatening at all.  I do have to say the acid pool scene was kind of fun.  I just figured there would have been a Beast Creature in the water that would eat them…instead, the guy’s face is eaten off in probably the best effects of the film (and no the island and the acid pools aren’t explained).

Attack of the Beast Creatures is seems like it should have been made in the ’70s…for a Saturday afternoon movie (some of the TV movies in the ’70s were much better than this).  I can’t even label this film “so-bad-it-is-good” because it is quite dull.  Fast forward to acid bath and the monster attacks and skip the rest of Attack of the Beast Creatures…it isn’t worth it.


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