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Not as organized as other seasons

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Scream if you want more Ash vs Evil Dead!!!

Ash (Bruce Campbell) is out to start his new life in Elk Grove.  The Deadites are sealed away and he’s got a lucrative hardware/porn store to run with Pablo (Ray Santiago).  When Ruby (Lucy Lawless) sets out to free the dead again, Ash, Pablo, and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) must join forces again to fight the forces of evil.  Ash is about to discover he has a big problem in the form of a daughter named Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill), and Brandy isn’t that excited to be the daughter of Ashy-Slashy.

Ash vs Evil Dead—Season 3 aired from February 25, 2018 to April 29, 2018 on Starz.  The series was cancelled during the run.

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 4 unfinished business brock lee majors head bruce campbell

Keep it in the family this season!

The Evil Dead series has been a fun ride.  My friends and I discovered them in high school and watched them over and over again…enjoying each for their own unique atmosphere.  When Ash vs Evil Dead was announced, I looked forward to see what was going to be done with the characters and how the story would be crafted…I wasn’t disappointed.

This season seemed a little more unbalanced than the previous seasons, but it still feels like an Evil Dead film (which are generally kind of unbalanced).  The season introduces Ash’s daughter Brandy and you have to wonder if it was considered for a spin-off potential if the series was cancelled or if Bruce Campbell decided not to return…regardless, Brandy takes the teen-Ash role later in the season and becomes almost a parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and series born from that.

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 9 judgment day killer cellphone

I wish more cellphones would attack their owners…

I don’t think a spin-off would work for the character however.  Ash Williams is Bruce Campbell and Bruce Campbell is Ash Williams…and they both make the Evil Dead the Evil Dead (which is why the Evil Dead relaunch/reimagining didn’t work for me).  Ash’s teamwork with Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo is a little split up this season since each character seems to be following their own path.  I also preferred Lucy Lawless’s Ruby teamed with the Ash team as opposed to against them.

The show seems to even have a bigger budget this season or the makers decided to just have a complete blow-out of special effects.  The Deadites are bigger and creepier with merged bodies, killer cellphones, and even the gargantuan Kandar.  Sam Raimi always made the best he could within his budget, and here it seems like there is actually a budget (which probably would have ruined the original three films).

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 6 tales from the rift deadite

I’ll always welcome back the Dead

With the cancellation of Ash vs Evil Dead, a petition has been pushed to continue the series on Netflix or one of the streaming sites.  While this might have been fun (I felt the show always knew it was living on the bubble and was written that way), Bruce Campbell has said that he’s finished with Ash.  Though this has been said before, it could be the truth this time, so it would be said to know that this was the last “Groovy” we’ll hear and the Mad Max apocalypse world will remain unexplored.  The Evil Dead appears to be dead, but they can always return…until then, Hail to the King, Baby!

Ash vs Evil Dead—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 1 family mascot


3.1       Family Airdate:  02/25/18

The Deadites are sealed away in Necronomicon, and all is right with the world.  Ash (Bruce Campbell) has reopened his father’s hardware store (with a porn section) and Pablo (Ray Santiago) is making tacos at a stand.  When the Necronomicon is read by an antique dealer, the demons are set free once again and the appearance of Candace Barr (Katrina Hobbs) has Ash discovering a piece of his past he had forgotten…but the Deadites have not. Meanwhile, Ruby (Lucy Lawless) has plans for the Necronomicon and they are big!

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 2 booth three sperm bank deadite

“Booth Three”

3.2       Booth Three Airdate:  03/04/18

Ruby’s demon child is born, and Ruby sets out to destroy any of Ash’s offspring.  As Ash’s surprise daughter Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) deals with learning of her past, Ash sets out to find out how many other children he might have.  Pablo faces the return of the Necronomicon and has the Knights of Sumeria Dalton (Lindsay Farris) questioning his trustworthiness despite objections from Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo).

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 3 apparently dead brock brandy lee majors arielle carver oneill

“Apparently Dead”

3.3       Apparently Dead Airdate:  03/11/18

Brandy buries her mother while Ruby resurrects Ash’s father Brock (Lee Majors) to try to turn Brandy against Ash.  A trip to the cabin to find the Sumerian dagger turns deadly as Dalton continues to force Kelly to question Pablo’s affiliation.

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 4 unfinished business pablo brandy kelly ray santiago arielle carver oneill dana delorenzo

“Unfinished Business”

3.4       Unfinished Business Airdate:  03/18/18

Brock shows Ash his secret.  Pablo attacks Brandy and Kelly causing a problem with a toxic bite.  Ash searches for clues about Ruby and discovers the secret she is hiding.

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 5 baby proof pablo uncle hemky madera ray santiago

“Baby Proof”

3.5       Baby Proof Airdate:  03/25/18

Ash and Natalie (Samantha Young) try to escape the killer demon child (Ryder Grant), and Ash questions what Ruby’s plans for him are.  As Pablo lies between the living and the dead, a visit from his uncle (Hemky Madera) could shape his future and the battle against evil.

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 6 tales from the rift kelly vs ruby lucy lawless dana delorenzo

“Tales from the Rift”

3.6       Tales from the Rift Airdate:  04/01/18

Kelly takes on Ruby, but things do not go as planned.  Dalton’s allies led by Zoe (Emilia Burns) come seeking answers from Ash, but Pablo could be the key to their plans…or their destruction.

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 7 twist and shout brandy killed bruce campbell arielle carver oneill

“Twist and Shout”

3.7       Twist and Shout Airdate:  04/08/18

Ruby has set a trap for Ash with his doppelganger and the Kaya possessed Kelly.  With a school dance as the stage, Ruby’s out for her biggest bloodfest yet!

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 8 rifting apart

“Rifting Apart”

3.8       Rifting Apart Airdate:  04/15/18

Brandy is dead and Ash is on a rescue mission.  Unfortunately, Ash must die before he can rescue Brandy and Kelly, and it is up to Pablo to defend his body.  Meanwhile, Kaya and Ruby have Zoe as their prisoner, and they have plans for her.

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 9 judgment day dark ones necronomicon

“Judgment Day”

3.9       Judgment Day Airdate:  04/22/18

Ash has got to get Kelly back, find the Necronomicon, and take care of Ruby, but when Pablo discovers the rift has been open, the Dark Ones come to Earth seeking the Necronomicon for themselves.  Ash, Pablo, and Brandy are set up for the final confrontation with evil, and Earth might not survive!

ash vs evil dead season 3 episode 10 the mettle of man vs kandar tank

“The Mettle of Man”

3.10     The Mettle of Man Airdate:  04/29/18

It’s the final battle.  The Dark Ones have risen from the Earth and humanity is on the brink of extinction…and the only thing standing in the way of annihilation is Ash Williams!

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