Alice, Sweet Alice (Communion) (1976)

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Movie Name: Alice, Sweet Alice (Communion)

Studio: Allied Artists

Genre(s): Horror/Mystery/Suspense

Release Date(s): November 13, 1976

MPAA Rating: R


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A little girl (Brooke Shields) is murdered on the day of her first communion.  The police all suspect it is her sister Alice (Paula E. Sheppard).  While Alice’s mother and father defend Alice, more and more murders are occurring…Is Alice responsible?

Alice, Sweet Alice has a lot of names.  It was originally released as Communion, but then became more popularly known as Alice, Sweet Alice.  At times, it has also been known as Holy Terror.  The movie also has some connections to Don’t Look Now in that the killer wears a yellow slicker (the person in Don’t Look Now can be seen in a red slicker).


Remember to smile when you kill

The production of Alice, Sweet Alice is quite strong.  The visual of the killer is quite distinct and creepy than many killers.  Alice, Sweet Alice does have a nice pre-Halloween serial killer feel to it that was developing at the time and made way for movies like Halloween to really expand on it.

Alice, Sweet Alice does have a lot of suspense as the mystery builds.  ***Spoiler Alert*** Alice (who was actually nineteen when making the movie) becomes almost a red herring with all evidence pointing toward her, but then the movie turns when the real killer is revealed.  The flip with the revelation of the real killer does kill some of the momentum.  The movie almost becomes a can-she-get-away-with-it scenario.  It also contains a completely ridiculous scene between Catherine Spages (Linda Miller) and Mrs. Tredoni (Mildred Clinton) which makes you question how stupid Alice’s mother can’t be to make a connection.  The movie does end strong however with the final scene of the movie that continues to build tension as the police move in on the killer.

Much of what Alice, Sweet Alice ends up being remembered for is the first big screen movie of Brooke Shields as Karen Spages.  Although her character is killed early in the movie, Brooke went on to make Pretty Baby in 1978 that shot her to fame along with her modeling career.  It is really Paula Sheppard who does a good job by really drawing question if Alice is guilty.

Nothing comes between me and my Calvin Klein jeans…except a psycho killer in a mask

Alice, Sweet Alice definitely is worth the time.  It has a great feel, a great look, strong acting, and a moderately smart plot.  The killer is creepy and it has some genuine scares.  Look for Alice, Sweet Alice, Communion, Holy Terror, or whatever you want to call it, it is worth it.

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