Valiant Goes 8-Bit!!!

harbinger wars battle for las vegas title card

The Valiant was big in the early ’90s and is having a throwback to video games you could finish in one sitting.  Leading up to its big summer crossover, Valiant has released Harbinger Wars:  Battle for Las Vegas for iOS and Android devices.  In addition to the side scrolling game that shows events leading up to the big summer crossover, Valiant has another fun set of variant covers for its comics paying homage to classic video games like Donkey Kong (Archer & Armstrong), Double Dragon (Harbinger), Metroid (X-O Manowar), Contra (Bloodshot) and Final Fantasy (Shadowman).

harbinger wars battle for las vegas gamplay screenshots bloodshot valiant

Bloodshot…the throwback version!

In June, Valiant goes 8-Bit! You’re going to want to go out and snap them up before they’re gone…so grab a 1-UP and get on the Valiant wagon now!

archer and armstrong #10 cover 8-bit variant donkey kong

Archer & Armstrong #10
—Donkey Kong

bloodshot #12 cover 8-bit variant contra

Bloodshot #12

harbinger #13 cover 8-bit variant double dragon

Harbinger #13
—Double Dragon

shadowman #7 cover 8-bit variant final fantasy

Shadowman #7
—Final Fantasy

x-o manowar #14 cover 8-bit variant metroid

X-O Manowar #14

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