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By JPRoscoe, May 19, 2014 0 The Latest

COMING SOON TO INDY:  The city is about to host another massive convention that is promising fun, games, collectables, and endless people watching for those who attend.  After the successful (but crowded) Indiana Comic-Con in March which offered Indiana its… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, May 8, 2014 0 Books/Comics News, The Latest

Stephanie Brown learns her father isn’t spoiling her, Batgirl takes objection to her father’s arrest, Red Robin reveals a mystery, Cyclops gets some father-son time with Corsair, Elektra decides to live up to her assassin name, Iron Fist takes a… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, May 2, 2014 0 Movie News, The Latest

Another April is in the books and Animated April—Part II was just as successful as Part I.  With forty-three movies and a bonus TV show reviewed, BasementRejects’ animated catalog is growing rapidly.  Feel free to check out all the animated… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, April 18, 2014 0 Books/Comics News, The Latest

Batman got a question for the Riddler, Gordon’s one of America’s Most Wanted, Ms. Marvel learns she isn’t bulletproof, and Aric finds everyone wants a piece of him. This week was a rather slim week of comics.  I had whole-heartedly… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, April 10, 2014 0 Books/Comics News, The Latest

Gun or no gun?  Gordon has issues while trying to protect Gotham, more humans are Inhuman, Iron Fist learns that he’s got a reunion with K’un-Lun, Magneto hangs out with homeless people, Magnus finds humans can be kind of rude… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, March 28, 2014 0 Books/Comics News, The Latest

An old friend stops by to visit X-Factor…and kill them, Kate Bishop finds she could live and die in L.A., Sandman talks to himself, and the adventures of Dawn begin…and she hangs out with the Silver Surfer. This week kicks… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, March 21, 2014 0 Books/Comics News, The Latest

Animal Man says his farewells, Ms. Marvel bulks up, Aric becomes an Agent of U.S.A., Magnus takes electronic engineering to a new level with his robot friends, and Turok doesn’t play nice with crusaders. With a big comic book convention… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, March 14, 2014 0 The Latest

Indy has finally got a Comic Con!  Running from March 14 to March 16 at the Convention Center next to Lucas Oil Stadium, the Indiana Comic Con 2014 has brought in vendor, artists, and celebrities to kick off what is… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, March 6, 2014 0 Books/Comics News, The Latest

Archie learns zombie love is tough love, Archer has a meet-and-greet with Bloodshot, the evil Superman gives the Atom a hand, Magneto welcomes mutant haters to the neighborhood, Moon Knight meets a C.H.U.D. in the sewers of New York City,… Read More »

By JPRoscoe, February 20, 2014 0 The Latest

The 83rd Academy Awards were announced on January 25, 2011 for films released in 2010.  The awards were given away on February 27, 2011. Best Picture: 127 Hours Black Swan BasementRejects Review The Fighter BasementRejects Review Inception BasementRejects Review The… Read More »